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Desktop Computer Support The field of information technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, meaning that an increasing number of businesses and individuals rely on this technology for daily tasks and communication. Unfortunately, many individuals require help when it comes to even basic computer tasks.

For this reason, many large companies hire dedicated staff to help support their employees, teach them how to operate new hardware or software and troubleshoot when necessary.

If you enjoy working with others and you have a wealth of background knowledge in the field of computing and information technology, then you may want to consider earning an associate’s degree in desktop support.

Read on to learn more about what desktop support staff might do in a typical day, explore the various courses of study available through this degree program, understand your career options and prospects, meet the requirements for enrollment and better understand the advantages of an online degree.

A Typical Day for Desktop Support Staff

In a typical day, someone who works in desktop support might clock in at nine in the morning and settle into their desk within the IT department of a large company. The day might start with emails, where you may need to quickly assist employees with any problems they have on their computers or with password problems. From there, you may lead a short workshop for new employees who need to learn how to utilize the company’s technology.

A large portion of your day will including helping employees with any computer problems that they have, so your job is vital to the efficiency and productivity of the workplace.

Courses and Subjects for an Associate in Information Technology/Desktop Support Degree

This associate degree program in desktop support will take an average of two years to complete and consists of 60 credits. Full time students with background knowledge in computers may be able to finish the materials sooner, but those working full time have the option of extending the course time to fit their schedule. Some of the courses and subjects you can expect to study while earning this degree include operating systems, databases, networks, document presentation systems, teaching web navigation and written communications.

Understanding Careers Options and Prospects After Graduation

After graduating with your associate degree in desktop support, you will have a number of interesting career options available to you. While it is true that the majority of graduates will work in IT support or helpdesks for large companies, you can also work as a publications developer, computer programmer or computing consultant. Of course, many graduates opt to open up their own businesses and do computer support as a freelance career on their own schedule. Expect to earn average salaries of $46,000 in this career field.

Meeting the Prerequisites for Enrollment

In order to qualify as a potential student for this degree program, applicants should be over the age of 18, have a high school diploma or a general education degree, have background knowledge in the field of computing and fill out a written or online application. In addition, potential online students should have access to computers, a printer, speakers and an Internet connection.

Advantages of Online Degrees

Choosing an online degree has many advantages, including the ability of students to work from the comfort of home, the convenience of avoiding traffic and daily commutes to campus and the option of choosing your own course pace for materials and exams. Since desktop support students will typically already be very comfortable using computers, the whole process should be very simple.


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