Everything You Need to Know About an Online Associate of Criminal Investigations Degree

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Criminal Justice DegreesPopular television shows about criminal investigations and the justice system have made a lot of people curious about the prospect of working in this field. However, what you see on television may not be an accurate representation of these careers. Before you consider a career in criminal investigations, you will need a proper education.

An online or traditional campus degree at the associate level will prepare you to take on the challenges and excitement in this line of work. Read on to learn more about the degree program itself, what kind of classes and courses you can expect to take, what the prerequisites for the degree program are, what careers are available for graduates and why you may want to consider an online degree.

Understanding the Associate of Criminal Investigations Degree

The associate degree in criminal investigations is a two-year undergraduate degree program that prepares students for careers in the criminal justice system. The course typically requires students to earn 60 credits, more than half of which will be related to the course major of criminal investigations. The remainder will consist of general education studies such as history or math, which will help to create a more balanced and well-rounded student. This degree is not a commonly offered program in colleges today, as most students in this field prefer to earn the four-year bachelor’s degree in criminal investigations. For this reason, most students pursuing an associate degree in criminal investigations are online students.

Classes and Subjects You Can Expect to Study

While pursuing your associate degree in criminal justice, you can expect to take a number of courses related to your major that will help adequately prepare you for exciting careers after graduation. Some of the more common courses offered through this degree program include evaluating crime scenes, court systems, police practices, relationships between community and law enforcement, ethics in criminal investigations, court testimonials and juvenile delinquency. Although some courses have set requirements about these core classes, others allow students to choose the courses which interest them most for their future careers.

Prerequisites for This Degree Program

Although many individuals might be interested in a criminal investigations degree, there are a few requirements that need to be met before you can consider enrolling. First, potential students need to be over the age of 18 or have their parents give written permission. Second, they need to have a high school degree and passing grades in their classes. However, it is also possible to have a general education degree to meet this requirement. Finally, students interested in online study should have a computer and Criminal Investigationregular access to the Internet.

Careers and Prospects for Graduates

After graduating with an associate degree in criminal investigations, you will have a wide variety of career opportunities to choose from. Most graduates who begin work straight away end up as crime scene investigators, gaming surveillance officers, physical evidence technicians or private detectives. With additional experience or education, you can also work in any other area of the criminal justice or legal system.

Reasons to Choose an Online Degree

If you are interested in pursuing a criminal investigations degree, you might want to consider an online degree rather than a traditional college campus degree. Online degrees offer more flexibility, help you to avoid commutes, allow you to work from home and can help you to get ahead without sacrificing your current job or salary. Online students can complete their exams, studying and class discussions right from the comfort of home.

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