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Online Human Resources Degrees It can be argued that there are two different kinds of people in the world. The first group includes the socializers who enjoy spending time with others and thinking that working with diverse groups of people would be a fun and exciting experience. The second group, however, may prefer to work alone for most of the time. If you consider yourself to belong to the first group, then you probably love spending time with friends, you have a full social life and you have an easy time communicating with new people.

One of the perfect career choices for these socializers is a job in human resources, and a bachelor’s degree can help you find those ideal jobs. Read on to learn more about the typical curriculum for a degree program in human resources, what the prerequisites for this degree are, what kinds of careers are available for graduates and why you should consider an online degree rather than a traditional campus one.

Typical Curriculum for a Bachelor of Human Resources Degree

A standard bachelor’s degree in human resources will consist of 120 credits and takes an average of four years to complete. Although the exact curriculum will differ from school to school, most degree programs will include courses in subjects like training new employees, health and safety in the workplace, employment laws and regulations, diversity in the workplace, compensation and staffing management.

In addition to these core classes related directly to the major, students can also expect to study courses that fulfill general education requirements in subjects like math, English literature, science or even a foreign language.

Prerequisites for a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources

In order to be eligible to pursue a bachelor’s degree through an accredited college of any kind, individuals will first need a high school diploma or high school degree, be over the age of 18 or have express parental permission, have average high school grades of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale and have the required SAT or ACT scores. Keep in mind that some schools will also ask applicants for written essays or character references as part of their admission requirements.

Any students who are interested in pursuing their bachelor’s degree in human resources online will also need access to a computer, the Internet, a printer and computer speakers. These items are needed for online lectures and to complete coursework and exams.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

After graduating with an undergraduate degree like the bachelor’s in human resources, students will have a wealth of career opportunities to choose from in several different industries. Some of the more common career titles for new graduates include that of employee benefit manager, labor relations specialist, human resource technician or employee training supervisor. This industry is forecast to grow by more than 22 percent over the next decade, and graduates will enjoy salaries upwards of $57,000 annually.

Reasons to Choose an Online Degree Over a Traditional Campus Degree

Although traditional campus degrees are still very popular with human resources majors, there are a growing number of reasons to choose an online degree program instead. Online degree programs allow students to pursue unusual majors without needing to relocate to new campuses, let students avoid commuting to a campus or sitting in traffic daily, make it possible for students to work full time and study at the same time and even allow students to pursue a higher education from the comfort of their home, a local cafe or even their local library.



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