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Criminal Justice Degrees OnlineFor many people, choosing the right career is about more than just earning a paycheck. You might be interested in a career that offers challenges, excitement and fulfillment. For some, a career in criminal justice, terrorism prevention or peaceful mediating might be the dream job. While these careers are by no means easy, they can be intensely rewarding. With each day that you show up to work, you can know that you are serving your country and protecting your fellow citizens.

In order to begin one of these careers, you will first need a master’s degree in criminal justice that specializes in terrorism, mediating and creating peace. Read on to learn more about what this degree program entails, who should consider this degree, what kind of careers are available after graduation, what the prerequisites of the degree program are and the many advantages of earning this degree online rather than in a traditional college campus setting.

Understanding the Criminal Justice – Terrorism, Mediation and Peace

The Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration on terrorism, mediating techniques and creating peace is a two-year program that prepare students to take on challenging positions around the world in order to prevent terrorism. Students will learn about the many freedoms of their country and how to protect them, and most will transition into government careers at the highest level.

Who Should Consider This Degree Program

Not everyone will be cut out for this particular master’s degree. Before you consider enrolling or applying, make sure that you have the right kind of personality and attributes. Students studying terrorism and criminal justice should be intelligent, be critical thinkers, be interested in foreign cultures and foreign languages and have traveled extensively, or at least be willing to travel extensively. In addition, only those students who can commit to the duration of the course should consider enrolling in the program.

Career Options After Graduation

After graduating with this degree, students will have a number of interesting positions to choose from. Most graduates will naturally gravitate toward government and federal positions with agencies like the CIA, the FBI or the NSA. However, government is not the only career path available to you. It is also possible to work in research or with a think tank that creates ways to avoid terrorism and promote peace throughout the world. You may also take your mediating skills and become a mediator for businesses or even couples.

What You Will Study

The typical master’s degree in criminal justice consists of 60 credits, all of which will focus on the particular specialization chosen by the student. For those who opt for a degree focusing on terrorism, peace and mediating, those courses will include the public policy implications of terrorism, the nature of crime, the psychology of terrorism, social justice, constitutional freedoms and public safety techniques.

The Prerequisites for a Master’s in Criminal Justice

Before you can enroll in a criminal justice program at the master’s level, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, have an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, have written references from previous professors or employers and have the requisite GRE scores.

Reasons to Pursue Your Degree Online

Choosing an online degree in criminal justice is smart because it saves the student time, money and lots of hassle. Avoid commutes, traffic and set classroom schedules by studying from the comfort and convenience of your own home, office or anything location with a computer and Internet access.

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