6 Reasons to Become a Health Claims Examiner or Medical Biller

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IMedical Billing and Coding Degree Onlinen every doctor’s office, medical facility, nursing home or hospital, there needs to be at least one staff member who is able to serve as a health claims examiner or a medical biller. Since the majority of medical procedures, treatments and visits are paid for by medical insurance, these employees need to know how to translate the services and products into a complex series of codes that will be accepted by the insurance providers before payment can begin.

Clearly, this kind of career requires someone with keen observation details and an interest in the medical field. If you are thinking seriously about this for your career, but you aren’t yet sure if it is the perfect fit, then read on to learn about six reasons to become a health claims examiner or a medical biller.

1. To Find Job Security

For many individuals, finding job security is a real challenge. In nearly every field or industry there is a threat of downsizing, outsourcing or even having machines and computers take over from human tasks. When it comes to working as a health claims examiner/medical biller, however, there are very few reasons to fear for your job. Machines can’t take on the tasks of medical billers, and there is very little outsourcing in the field.

2. To Be a Part of the Health Care Industry

Although the United States, and indeed much of the world, is struggling with a challenged economy currently, the health care industry remains one of the few booming fields. This is largely due to the fact that the average age of the population is rising throughout the country as well as the fact that rising obesity rates are causing more health problems than ever before. For these reasons, many individuals are very interested in pursuing stable careers within the healthcare field as medical billers and health claims examiners.

3. To Enjoy a Great Salary

Without a college degree, it can be hard to earn a decent salary. In fact, many high school graduates without additional qualifications find it hard to make more than minimum wage or hourly pay. In medical billing and coding, however, individuals can earn as much as $45,000 annually, with higher salaries possible after several years of experience in the field.

4. To Avoid Extensive College Education

Although attending college is a great choice for many, not everyone can afford to attend a traditional college for several years. To become a medical biller, all you will need is to complete a diploma or certificate course, many of which can be earned online. This can help you get on the way to your dream healthcare career in far less time than it would take to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree in a traditional college campus.

5. To Work From Home

If you want to combine a medical career with a job that has flexible hours and allows you to work from home, then there is nothing better than working as a health claims examiner or a medical biller. Since you don’t need to work in a specific office or deal directly with clients, you can work from home in many cases.

6. To Own Your Own Business

Those who dream of running their own medical business might be surprised to learn that medical billing businesses are on the rise. Simply contact clients on your own in order to work from home, set your own hours and begin making a decent salary on your own terms.

Becoming a health claims examiner or a medical biller is a great career choice within the medical industry, and having an online diploma or certification can help you to achieve those careers in less time.


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