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Online Business DegreesFinding the right job is not always easy, even when you have an idea of what you want to do with your life. For example, knowing that you want to work in business is not a guarantee that you will find an interesting position or that you will be hired for said position. The best way to help you find the right career is to earn a degree that teaches you all about the field, such as a bachelor’s degree in business.

With this foundation, you can better understand the industry and know more about the potential careers available. From there, you might be interested in a focus or specialization, such as one in the service sector.

Read on to learn more about bachelor’s degrees in business, what it means to concentrate on the service sector, what the prerequisites for a bachelor’s degree in business are, what kinds of careers are available for graduates and why you should strongly consider an online business degree.

Understanding the Bachelor’s of Business Degree

A bachelor’s degree in business is a four-year degree that consists of 120 credits. Most students choose this degree in order to better prepare them for careers in the business world, but many students also use it as a stepping stone to graduate school or law school. In a standard business degree program at the bachelor’s level, students will study subjects like macroeconomics, microeconomics, business law, management, technology and financial decisions. Students will learn how to market and advertise products and businesses, manage clients, customers, suppliers and staff, stick to financial budgets and track spending in order to show a profit.

Choosing a Specialization in the Service Sector

Although you may have already made up your mind about a business degree, you can still opt for a specialization as part of the program. A specialization, also sometimes called a focus or a concentration, is an area of business that you will explore over several courses during your college career. Choosing to focus on the service sector in business means that you anticipate working in hotels, restaurants, spas or gaming establishments. If you are more interested in working with people rather than in a solitary office, then a concentration in the service sector is truly an ideal choice.

Prerequisites for a Bachelor’s Business Degree

In order to be considered as a business student, you will need to apply to the course online, produce your high school transcripts, find written character references and meet the school’s qualifying standards for applicants. Although these standards change depend on the school you wish to attend, most involve having grade point averages above 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or having the necessary SAT and ACT scores.

Careers Available After Graduation

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business/Service Sector, individuals will be able to explore the vast number of career options available in the field. The majority will work in hotels, restaurants, casinos and spas. Their titles might vary from manager to supervisor or even marketing director depending on the individual’s area of interest and level of experience in the field.

Reasons to Consider an Online Degree

Choosing an online business degree is a smart choice because it allows students to work in the service sector while pursuing their education. Students with access to a computer and the Internet can actually earn their degrees in their own time and according to their own schedules. This convenience and flexibility is simply not found in a traditional college campus degree program.


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