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Online Health Services Management DegreeAs the health industry is one of the fastest growing areas of business in the United States, many potential college students are interested in earning degrees in the field in order to secure quality jobs later on. If you are interested in a management position within a medical facility like a hospital or a nursing home, then you might be interested in a bachelor’s degree in health services management.

This degree is one of the most popular choices within the healthcare industry today. If you have any questions about this degree, read on to learn more about the entrance prerequisites, the various courses available during the degree program, what kind of careers you can enjoy after graduation and why online degrees are rapidly gaining popularity.

What is a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management Degree?

This degree is a four-year program that consists of roughly 120 credits and prepares students to take on management positions within the healthcare industry. If you want to work in the medical field but don’t want to attend medical school or work directly with patients in a medical setting, then this is a great choice. The work is primarily administrative and managerial. Students will also have the option of choosing an area of concentration or specialization, a great choice if they already know what kind of career they might be interested in after graduation. Examples of these concentrations include gerontology, community care and patient advocacy.

What are the Prerequisites to the Degree Program?

Applicants who are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in health services management will first and foremost need to have a high school diploma or a general education degree. In addition, they should have reasonable high school grades and may need to send their high school transcripts to the college admission office. Some schools will also require applicants to send in their SAT or ACT results, which can help determine their acceptance to the program. Finally, any student planning to earn their degree online needs to have a computer and a regular Internet connection.

What Will the Curriculum and Courses Look Like?

Of the roughly 40 different courses you will take over the course of the four-year degree program, only half will be directly related to your major. These core courses will be in health services subjects like management strategies, medical terminology, medical and business ethics, organizational behavior and health care financial management. In addition to these subjects, students will need to complete general education requirements in fields as diverse as history and math along with a few elective courses of their own choosing.

What Kind of Careers are Available for Graduates?

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in health services, most students will want to pursue careers in the medical field. You will be able to find work as a health care administrator, a health information manager, a clinical manager, a nursing home supervisor or a medical services manager. Jobs are available in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, clinics, private practices and even dental or therapy facilities.

Why are Online Degrees Gaining Popularity?

Online degrees, especially in health services, are becoming increasingly popular because students are realizing just how much time and money they can save with them. Rather than spending your days attending set college classes on campus, you can work or spend time with family and then complete your studies from the comfort of home. You can even choose the pace of your course studies, and speed it up or slow it down to suit your needs.

If you are interested in a managerial positions in the growing medical field, then a bachelor’s degree in health services from an online school is a great choice.

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