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Information Technology DegreeIf you are interested in pursuing a degree in information technology, networking or security, you are probably already familiar with the acronym BSIT. This stands for Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and is it one of the most popular degrees at the undergraduate level for students today. If you have a background in computing, or if you are interested in pursuing this area of study in order to find a lucrative career after education, then read on for additional information.

This guide details what kinds of subjects BSIT students can expect to study, what the prerequisites for applicants in this field are, what kind of careers graduates can expect to find and why an online degree is such a smart choice.

What Subjects BSIT Students Can Expect to Study

While earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology, students should be prepared for a range of different courses. Although every college or university will offer a sightly different curriculum, most BSIT degree programs will include subjects like programming, systems analysis, network administration, network security and basic business operations.

These classes will prepare graduates for a number of different roles in the field of information technology. Although roughly 60 percent of the 120 credits in a four-year bachelor’s degree will be related to the major of information technology, other classes will be required in subjects as varied as history, literature or a foreign language. This will contribute to the overall education of the student.

Prerequisites for Applicants in This Field

Before you can consider a bachelor’s degree in information technology, you will need to determine if you are eligible for the program. Typically, colleges will expect applicants to be over the age of 18, have the required SAT or ACT scores, have a background knowledge in computers or electronics and have a demonstrated interest in the field.

Some schools will also request applicants to submit written references from previous teachers or employers, or they may even request that applicants write an admission essay about why they are interested in the field. If you are planning to pursue your degree online, you should also have a computer and regular access to the Internet in order to be eligible for the program.

Choosing a BSIT Specialization

A Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a general degree, so many students choose a specialization in order to find a niche for their future employment. Some of these concentrations include that of network security, network administrations and applied technology.

One of the most popular is the Bachelor’s BSIT – Security. This degree covers subjects like computer forensics and database server administration. It is one of the most in-demand majors for future employers, making it a very popular choice for students.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Most graduates with a BSIT degree will end up in an information technology position with a computer programming company or a private business. The most popular titles for graduates include that of network administrator, systems analyst, security technician and database supervisor.

Any business who regularly stores their information on a work network or communicates with customers online will need someone with these skills, so career opportunities are only forecast to grow in this field.

Advantages of an Online Degree

Choosing an online degree is a great choice for anyone, but it is especially smart for information technology students. Since the majority of the coursework is done on the computer, you won’t miss out on classroom labs or group discussions. Live lectures are available online and students can communicate over the Internet in real time.

A BSIT degree earned online through an accredited college can be exactly what it takes for you to find a new career with a great salary.

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