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Bachelor of Health Studies in Health and Cultural DiversityAlthough many areas of the economy are currently struggling, the one area that continues to grow and require additional staff is the healthcare industry. This fact, when combined with research that shows certain groups receive less health care than others, creates the need for educated and trained staff in the field of health and cultural diversity.

Thankfully, a degree for this area of interest has recently been developed and is now available in a number of traditional college campuses as well as through online degree programs.

If this sounds like something that might be interesting for you, then read on for more information on what topics will be covered while studying for a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies – Health & Cultural Diversity, what the eligibility requirements for enrollment are, what kinds of careers are available for graduates in the field, what characteristics are required for success in this field and why an online degree is so popular for students today.

What Can You Expect to Study?

When earning a degree in health studies with a concentration in health and cultural diversity, students should expect to study core health studies courses such as introductions to research methods, health informatics, the ethics of health care, global health, public health policy and effective health care delivery. With a concentration in health and cultural diversity, students will spend additional time focusing on courses like the multicultural dimensions of society, the psychology of gender, ethnic identities and inter-cultural communication. In addition to these major-related classes, students will also take a number of courses in general education like history, literature or even math.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Enrollment?

In order to be an eligible applicant for enrollment in a bachelor’s degree program in health studies, students should be over the age of 18 by the time of enrollment, have a high school degree with the necessary grades requested by the school and have predetermined SAT or ACT scores. Some older students will be able to replace grades and exam results for military or work experience. Ideally, students will have some experience or desire to work in the health care industry with a diverse population.

What Kinds of Careers are Available for Graduates in the Field?

Earning a bachelor’s degree in health studies with a concentration in health and cultural diversity will provide graduates with countless career opportunities in the thriving health care industry. Some of the most popular employment choices include that of community health educator, health writer, clinical administration or manager, foreign aid staff or even a public health volunteer overseas. Ultimately, your job will include helping people of all races, ethnicities and cultures to ensure that they receive the best possible health care, no matter where in the world they are.

What Characteristics Equal Success in this Industry?

The people who will enjoy the greatest level of success in this field should be excellent communicators, enjoy working with diverse groups of people and have a real interest in helping others. While you can learn about public health policies from a textbook, it is impossible to learn compassion or cultural sensitivity, two vital characteristics for employees in this field.

Why are Health Studies Degrees so Popular?

The reasons for the increasing popularity of online degrees are primarily convenience and flexibility. Rather than commuting daily to a college campus and fitting set class schedules into an already busy routine, online students can actually study, take exams or communicate with classmates over the Internet from the comfort of home.

If you are interested in making a real difference in the lives of others, then consider an online degree in health and cultural diversity.

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