6 Reasons to Become a Nursing Assistant or Nursing Aide

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Online Nursing DegreeOne of the most in-demand careers in the 21st century is that of nursing assistant or nursing aide. Many individuals who plan to work in the health care industry decide to work as a nursing assistant or nursing aide before transitioning to a more advanced career. There are various reasons why this career is so desirable to people of all ages and all education backgrounds. Read on for the top six reasons to consider working as a nursing assistant/nurse aide.

1. Opportunity to Learn About Other Health Care Career.

If you are interested in a career in the health care industry, the time to decide whether this is the right choice for you is not after four or five years of full time education. A better choice is to experience the fast-pace of the medical world before committing to an extensive education. Working as a nursing assistant is a prime way to see what doctors, anesthesiologists, health care administrators and nurses do each day. After some time on the job, you may have a better idea of what permanent careers you want to pursue in the industry.

2. Daily Satisfaction and Fulfillment

Although working as a nursing assistant may not be most financially lucrative employment position in the world of medicine, there are still a number of different benefits available. Nursing aides report that this job brings an incredibly high level of satisfaction each day. Although the work itself may be challenging, nursing assistants are able to make a real difference in the lives of their patients. They have more contact with patients than doctors or nurses, so they can form closer connections to these individuals.

3. Job Stability

As hospitals are facing a tighter bottom line financially, they are spending more of their annual budget on salaries for nursing assistants. For this reason, as well as because of the growing need for health care staff, nursing assistants and aides can enjoy relatively stable careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, there is a 26 percent growth forecast in this field for the next decade. This promises plenty of career opportunities for graduates and job security in the field.

4. Limited Training Period

Unlike a medical degree, which could take up to 10 years to complete depending on your area of specialty, training to become a nursing assistant can take as little as six weeks. CNA training programs, which provide the proper education required to become a certified nursing assistant, are available in most states as well as online. Online students can actually pursue their degrees online in their own time from home, and many students opt to study while working a different job. After graduation, you can transition into a health care career.

5. Plethora of Employment Opportunities

Nursing assistants don’t just work in hospitals. They work in doctor’s offices, hospice programs, in the homes of their patients, in schools, in daycare facilities and in nursing homes, among other places. If you are interested in a nontraditional workplace, then a career as a nursing aide might be ideal.

6. Affordable Education

Training to become a nursing assistant is substantially more affordable than a two-year associate degree in a college or an even more expensive bachelor’s or master’s degree. Online courses, or courses offered through a local hospital or vocational training center, can be less than $1,000 but will help you find the proper training for a new career in the medical field.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a nursing assistant or a nursing aide, then consider completing your training online thanks to the CNA programs offered by accredited online colleges.

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