Top 6 Careers to Pursue With an Online Information Technology Degree

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Information Technology Degree OnlineDegrees in information technology are among the most popular educational qualifications available today. The reason for their popularity is due in large part to the exciting and lucrative careers available for graduates. If you are interested in pursuing a degree in information technology, an online degree may be a way to save money, time and hassle.

After earning your online degree, you will have plenty of career opportunities to choose from. By studying subjects like database administration, network security and software development, students will have the skills required by large businesses as well as nonprofit agencies. Read on for information on the top careers available to graduates holding an information technology degree.

Business Architect

This exciting career is a popular new concept in technological businesses. This singular position blends the business processes and the technological side of the company. Business architects use their skills in technology to guide and oversee aspects like consumer interaction, attracting new customer bases, viral advertising and social media. As more and more of running a business gets tied to the Internet, expect to see an increasing number of business architect positions opening up with companies of all sizes.

Lead Applications Developer

Just as the name implies, a lead applications developer is someone who will develop software applications. This position is a management career that involves overseeing entire development teams. Lead applications developers will need to Online Information Technology Degreescreate, code, program and be able to test a range of different software and computer applications. It is one of the more lucrative career opportunities in information technology, bringing in annual salaries that easily top $100,000.

Project Manager

A project manager, often called a PM, is someone who is in charge of one vital project for a business. When a company decides to implement social media in a big way, wants to increase use of a new shopping app for smartphones, wants to restructure their website or anything technological on a large scale, they will often hire project managers. This individual will oversee and manage the project, stick to or create a budget, hire the right individuals and ensure that the process follows the right timeline for completion. With a background or degree in information technology, excellent communication skills and natural leadership abilities, this can be a challenging, well-paid and exciting career.

Messaging Administrator

For most large businesses or corporations, some of the most sensitive information is that which is sent back and forth among employees. In order to protect this information and ensure that the communication networks themselves are operating efficiently and quickly, a person is usually designated as the head messaging administrator. A degree in information technology and some experience working with communications systems for employers is important for securing this position.

Senior IT Auditor

As an increasing number of companies use technology in nearly every aspect of business, there is a great need for an individual who can audit the technology, ensure that it is working properly and that it meets all safety and efficiency guidelines. Senior IT auditors will evaluate the technology used in a company and create plans for the future use and maintenance of said technology. Salaries in this field are impressive and typically average around $115,000 annually.

RFID Systems Engineer

RFID, or radio frequency identification, is how goods are tracked when bought, sold and shipped from a company. An RFID systems engineer is the person who tracks this information through the use of wireless chips. The rise of this equipment is rising, meaning that the demand for technicians and engineers will also be rising significantly.

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