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Working in a health club can be a lot of fun for many people. If you enjoy working with a variety of different people, you are interested in physical fitness and enjoy exercising yourself, there can be no better place to work. Unfortunately, however, many positions in health clubs, gyms and spas are not particularly well-paid.

Entry level positions in sales or as a personal trainer is rarely full time, and even the full-time positions don’t provide most individuals with the salaries and benefits that they desire.

Thankfully, there are some administrative positions and management positions in health clubs that have lucrative salaries and a great level of stability. These careers typically require some kind of degree at the associate level.

Read on to learn more about the online Associate in Business Administration in Health Club Operations, what the curriculum might look like for this degree program, who is an eligible applicant, what careers are available for graduates, what skills you will need to success in this field and why an online degree is such a great idea for aspiring health club professionals.

Curriculum for an Associate of Business Administration in Health Club Operations

Although every school has a slightly different degree program and curriculum, most students who are enrolled in an associate degree of business administration in health club operations can expect to study management, basic accounting, marketing, fitness, promotions, communications, client relations and exercise science. A typical associate degree in this subject takes two years to complete and consists of roughly 60 credits. Students should also expect their curriculum to include a few additional classes in unrelated subjects like history or literature to balance out their education.

Eligible Applicants for this Degree Program

Before you can enroll in an associate degree program in health club operations, you will need to meet a few specific prerequisites. Some of these requirements include having a high school diploma or a general education degree, being over the age of 18 at the time of enrollment, having an interest in the health club industry and having written references at the time of application. Some colleges will also ask that students have specific SAT or ACT scores along with the required high school grade point average on a 4.0 scale.

Careers for Graduates Holding a Degree in this Field

After earning a degree in the health club operations, the vast majority of graduates will find work in the health care industry at a gym, spa, fitness center, health care facility or even as a personal trainer with your own company. A few of the most popular career titles in this field include that of fitness center assistant, fitness consultant, membership consultant, gym assistant manager or marketing associate for a health club.

Skills Needed to Succeed in the Health Club Operations Industry

Along with an associate degree, those who are interested in working in the health care industry will need to have an outgoing personality, excellent communication skills and a great interest in fitness and exercise. Since you will constantly be speaking and emailing with others, having the ability to speak well and write well is vital.

Reasons to Consider an Online Degree

If you are interested in pursuing your associate degree in health club operations, then you might want to understand the reasons that online degrees are rapidly increasing in popularity. Online degrees allow students to study from the comfort of home, they allow students to follow their own schedule and they let students study a less popular degree without relocating.

To begin advancing your career in the health club industry, earn your online associate degree through an accredited online college.

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