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Software EngineeringThose who already work in the field of software engineering, or in any information technology career, probably already know that the study consists of designing, managing and even maintaining the various software systems that are used for individuals, organizations and businesses.

Across the board, it is typically required that those who work in software engineering have a minimum of an undergraduate degree, but a master’s degree is usually not necessary for entry level positions.

However, anyone who wants to pursue a leadership position, have an advanced career or simply earn a higher salary should consider earning an MS in Software Engineering through an online college.

Keep reading to better understand what this master’s degree is, what subjects are typically studied, what the prerequisites are for admission, what careers are open for graduates in this field and the benefits of an online education.

What is a Masters of Software Engineering?

A master’s degree in software engineering is an advanced two-year degree that is offered through universities around the world. It is an incredibly popular degree program, particularly because of the rise of modern technology and the need for skilled workers in this field. The goal of the degree is to enable graduates to see the need for new software applications, create these applications and tweak them to perfectly fit the needs of various users.

What Subjects are Typically Studied?

Unlike an undergraduate degree, every single course in a master’s degree program will be directly related to the major, meaning that there are no general education courses in the curriculum. For a typical master’s degree student in software engineering, subjects might include software design, information systems analysis, software management, artificial intelligence studies, software system modeling, database management, human and computer interactions and computer hardware. Many students will opt to focus on one particular area of software engineering for the duration of the degree program, which will often better prepare them for careers after graduation.

What are the Prerequisites for Admission?

Students who are interested in pursuing a master’s degree in software engineering will need to meet a variety of prerequisites before they can enroll and begin taking classes. Applicants will need to have a bachelor’s degree, the required GRE scores, written references from employers or teachers and possibly even a specific grade point average from their college education. Although you bachelor’s degree does not need to necessarily be in software engineering, it will be easier if you have a related degree in computer science or information technology.

What Careers and Prospects are There for Graduates?

Earning a master’s degree in software engineering will open up a whole new category of careers for graduates. While a bachelor’s degree might be able to get you in the door with a software engineering firm, a master’s degree can secure you a top position. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, there will be a 21 percent increase in the demand for software engineers over the next six years. Some of the most popular career titles for graduates include that of network administrator, software applications engineer, scientific programmer analyst or director of computer support. With a masters degree, students can expect to earn upwards of $90,000 annually.

What are the Benefits of an Online Education?

Earning your master’s degree online has many benefits, some of which include flexibility, comfort and the ability to save a lot of time. Rather than commuting to classes at set times in a campus setting, students can study or even take quizzes and exams from the comfort of their own home or a local cafe.

To advance your career in software engineering, earn a master’s degree offered through an accredited online college.

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