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In the United States and around the world, there are millions of children who do not lead the lives they deserve. In order to ensure that children everywhere are well fed, well taken care of by parents or parental figures and are getting the education they need, they will need advocates who can champion them through the system. This is an important area of human services, and only a select few individuals will have the training, patience and compassion to take on such a significant role.

If you enjoy working with children and families and you truly want to make a difference through your career, then you may want to consider an online degree in human services with a specialization in child and family welfare. Keep reading to learn more about what this bachelor’s degree will entail, what the prerequisites are for the program, what kinds of careers are available for graduates and why an online degree is a smart choice.

Understanding the Curriculum for a BS in Human Services – Child and Family Welfare

A typical bachelor’s degree in human services will consist of 120 credits, which will be completed over the course of roughly four years. The majority of the courses will be directly related to human services and will include subjects like human services programs, community outreach and medical development. Those who concentrate in a field like child and family welfare can also expect to take additional classes in subjects like public policy, crisis prevention, youth advocacy, juvenile legal issues and family development. It is important to keep in mind that a bachelor’s degree curriculum may also include courses in general education courses like math, science or a foreign language requirement.

Prerequisites for a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services

Before students are eligible to enroll in a bachelor’s degree for the study of human services, they will need to meet a fewrequirements set forth by the college they wish to attend. While these prerequisites do vary from program to program, they typically require students to be over the age of 18 or have written parental permission, have a high school diploma or equivalent, have the necessary SAT or ACT scores to meet the college’s standards and to submit a written or online application for admission. Some colleges will also expect students to write admission essays or come in for personal interviews, although few online colleges request that today.

Careers for Graduates

Those students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in human services and a concentration in child and family welfare will be able to find work within schools, colleges, psychiatric offices, legal firms and government agencies. The average salary for those holding a bachelor’s degree in this field is roughly $42,000 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although the field is competitive, there is forecast to be an 18 percent increase in demand for trained graduates in this industry over the next decade. Keep in mind that additional education, such as a master’s degree in social work, can also increase your earning potential and career options.

Choosing an Online Degree

Many students are deciding to pursue their human services degrees online rather than in traditional colleges. The reasons for this are varied, but most students say it is because online degrees give them more flexibility, allow them to work and study at the same time and can be more affordable. Without long commutes and campus visits, students will have more time in their schedule and more money in their wallet.

If you enjoy helping others and you want to make a real difference through your career, then consider earning an online degree in human services with a concentration on child and family welfare.

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