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Medical Transcription Degree OnlineFor many people, earning a degree is not about expanding the mind or studying a new subject. Instead, it is about earning the necessary qualifications to secure a great new career. If you are eager to start earning a bigger salary, gaining more respect in the workplace and having more stability in day to day finances, then you may want to consider an online associate degree.

These degrees can typically be completed in less than two years and will prepare graduates for specific careers. One of the most popular options is the AAS in Medical Transcription. This degree is a great way to train for a new career quickly without sacrificing your current employment or your family time.

Read on for more information on what medical transcription is, what the degree program looks like, who is eligible to complete the program, what careers are available for graduates in this field and the many advantages of an online associate degree.

What is Medial Transcription?

In the most basic sense, medical transcription is the typing up of verbal recordings made by medial professionals. In a typical office or hospital, doctors may meet with patients and verbally make notes of the meeting, the symptoms or the prescribed treatment. Medial transcriptionists will then have the task of typing up the written communication and inputting it into the patient’s file as a medical record. Medical transcriptionists need to be familiar with medical terms and must also be able to work independently.

Exploring the AAS in Medical Transcription

The Associate of Applied Science in Medical Transcription is a two-year degree that is traditionally made up of 60 credits, or roughly 20 classes. Students will take an average of 5 classes per semester, completing the program in four semesters. Some of the courses you might expect to take when pursing a degree in medical transcription include medical ethics, records management, medical or dental office procedures, formatting key documents and medical terminology.

Medical Transcription Degree Online

Some colleges will also have students take courses in general education subjects like math or history.

Eligibility Requirements For this Degree

Before aspiring medical transcriptionists can enroll in a degree program like the AAS in Medical Transcription, they will need to have certain prerequisites. Most colleges ask that applicants have a high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree in addition to being over the age of 18 at the start of the program. Most colleges will also ask that students can meet minimum testing standards in fields like math and English. It is also typically expected that students are proficient in typing and basic computer usage at the beginning of the degree program.

Careers Available for Graduates in the Field

After graduating with a degree in medical transcription, individuals will be able to find careers throughout the medical industry. The growing health care industry means that there is forecast to be an increased demand of nearly 34 percent in the field of medical transcription and assisting, one of the biggest increases set forth by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Graduates may find careers as transcriptionists, as medical assistants or as medical receptionists.

Advantages of an Online Associate Degree

Earning an online degree has many advantages. Some of these advantages include the ability to study from home, the ability to work full time, the ability to see family whenever desired and the ability to avoid lengthy commutes. As long as you have a computer and access to the Internet, you can advance your career from any location and at any time.


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