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Master of Special Education DegreeWorking in special education is without a doubt one of the most rewarding and fulfilling career opportunities imaginable. Although there can be no doubt that this career path is a challenging one, the benefits far outweigh the negatives for the right individual. In order to work in special education with children, individuals are required to have a master’s degree like the Master of Science in Education in Special Ed – Instructional Specialist P-4. This ensures that teachers completely understand how to deal with children in the correct age range, they are aware of development landmarks in this age range and they know how to effectively teach students with special needs.

If you are interested in making a true difference in the lives of children, then this degree may be the perfect fit for you. Read on to learn about what you can expect to study while earning this degree, what the prerequisites for the degree program are, what career possibilities exist for graduates and why an online degree can help you to begin your career sooner.

Typical Course Curriculum for a Master’s in Special Education

A master’s degree in special education can take between one and two years to complete and prepares students to pursue careers in the field of education. Most students will choose a specific concentration such as instructional specialist for a particular age range, which will help to further narrow down the classes on the schedule. Some of the most common courses taken by students pursuing a master’s degree in special education include problems in education, teaching methods, education analysis, classroom management, special education research, educational psychology, human development and technology’s role in special education.

Prerequisites for the Degree Program

There are a number of prerequisites that have to be met before individuals can enroll in a special education master’s degree. Aspiring students should be aware that these requirements are not set in stone and can differ from college to college. Typically, schools will require master’s students to have an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in a related field, have GRE scores Master of Education Degree Onlinethat meet the school’s minimum standards and have written references available. Some admissions officers will also request that students submit college transcripts or write essays demonstrating their interest in this particular field of study. Those students who want to pursue an online degree will also be required to have access to a computer, printer, speakers and a regular Internet connection.

Career Possibilities for Graduates

With an increased demand for qualified special education teachers in the United States comes a large number of career opportunities for those holding a master’s degree in special education. As you might expect, most graduates holding a Special Ed – Instructional Specialist P-4 will go on to work in elementary schools as special instruction teachers in resource classrooms. Some graduates will also be able to find careers as special education curriculum developers. With a master’s degree in special education, teachers can expect to earn average salaries of $58,080 per year.

Advantages of an Online Degree

Many people decide to pursue online degrees because they are a much more affordable, convenient and flexible education option, particularly for existing teachers. Rather than following the traditional classroom setting, teachers can pursue their online degrees whenever they have spare time. Many students will focus on their master’s degree during school holidays and summer months, something that traditional campus degrees simply don’t allow for.

Working in the field of special education is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling career. To begin, consider earning an online master’s degree in special education through one of the many excellent accredited online colleges.


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