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Computer Science Degree OnlineThere are countless reasons to consider earning a doctoral degree in the field of computer science. This terminal qualification means that you will be eligible for countless careers in a number of different industries, and it also means that you can expect to earn a bigger salary.

However, many people who are seriously considering a doctorate simply can’t quit their careers to attend school full time. Thankfully, online degrees are the perfect way to solve that problem, and executive format online degrees are ideal when it comes to more advanced degrees like the doctorate in computer science.

If you are interested in pursuing a doctorate in computer science but you aren’t sure how you could fit it into your already busy schedule, then read on for more information on what the executive format is, what subjects might be studied during a doctoral degree program in computer science, what careers and prospects are available for graduates and the prerequisites for this type of advanced degree.

What is an Executive Format Degree?

Many students who choose to pursue a doctoral degree simply do not have the time to commit to a lengthy traditional program. Spending years in a classroom at set times each day is not practical for someone with a full-time career or a family. Although online degrees can be a suitable replacement, some degrees do require personal communication and instruction.

The executive format degree manages to combine the best of both the traditional degree and the online degree. The majority of the degree work is completed online, with students streaming live lectures or working through textbooks independently. However, there may be one or two sessions each year where students are required to visit the campus for a weekend session.

What Subjects are Typically Studied for a Doctoral Degree in Computer Science?

Most doctorate programs in the field of computer science take anywhere from three to five years to complete and consist of a classroom instruction period and then a dissertation writing Online Computer Science Degreeperiod. The final section of the program consists of an oral defense of the dissertation.

Students can expect to study subjects like computer architecture, artificial intelligence, algorithms analysis and operating systems. Many students will also have the opportunity to focus on a specific area of computer science as a concentration or dissertation topic.

What are the Prerequisites for a Doctorate in Computer Science?

Before potential students are able to enroll in a doctoral program in computer science, they must meet all the admissions guidelines set forth by the college or university offering the program. It is important to realize that these admission standards will differ slightly from school to school.

Students will typically be required to have a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree in a related field, and they will be expected to have sufficient background knowledge of computing and computer science. Some colleges will also request that students interested in an executive format have at least five years of work experience within the field of computer science before beginning the degree program.

What Career Prospects are Available to Graduates?

After graduating with a doctoral degree in computer science, most individuals will go on to work as computer and information researchers or in post-secondary education. As the demand for skilled educators in computer science grows, there will be an increased demand in doctoral degree holders in the field. Typical salaries for doctoral degree holders in computer science is above $100,000 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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