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Bachelor in Interdisciplinary StudiesMany people choose to earn their bachelor’s degree in a specific subject like history, engineering or math. These specific degrees can help students to prepare for careers that they are interested in, but they are not the only way to find a career.

There are thousands of college students each year who don’t want to limit themselves to one particular subject. After all, they may take four years of history classes and realize too late that there are no current employment opportunities in that field.

A better route to take, especially if you don’t have one particular subject you are most interested in, is to pursue a degree in interdisciplinary studies.

If this sounds like something that might be the right fit for you, read on to learn about the degree details, what the prerequisites are for the program, some common reasons to pursue a degree in interdisciplinary studies, what career opportunities are available for graduates and why an online degree is a great idea for busy students.

Details of the Degree Program

A typical bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies will consist of 120 credits and will take an average of four years to complete, although that time frame can vary depending on the student. The majority of the course curriculum will revolve around one key concentration that the student picks, although that is not necessary. Students can choose broad subjects like history and literature or communications and journalism. Most of their classes will then reflect that selection and might include courses like social psychology, mass media studies, writing for public relations and politics. The aim of the program is to have students who can read, write and think critically at the highest level.

Prerequisites for a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies
Before students are eligible to pursue a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies, they must first meet the prerequisites set by the college they wish to attend. Although these requirements can differ significantly from school to school, most will simply require their applicants to have a high school diploma or general education degree, be over the age of 18 at the time of enrollment and have a minimum grade point average from their high school career. Some schools will also request that students submit written references from past employers or teachers.

Common Reasons to Pursue this Degree

The most common reasons that students choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies are to have a greater variety of employment options after graduation, to study more subjects and find a new passion, to improve critical thinking skills across the board and to prepare for a graduate school education. Many students who earn a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies do so in order to be well-rounded when applying to law school or business school after graduation.

Employment Options for Graduates

Graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies can find employment in any number of industries. In most cases, having a bachelor’s degree in any subject is enough to get your foot in the door, and the diverse subject matter of the degree program means that you will be well-versed to tackle a number of different careers such as librarian, researcher, social worker, business manager or teacher.

Benefits of an Online Education

It is clear to most students that an online degree is far more flexible and affordable than a traditional degree. Not only will students save money by not needing to commute to campus, park or take public transportation, but tuition fees for online colleges are often lower than their traditional counterparts.

If you are interested in finding your niche, then consider an online bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies.


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