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Business Degrees OnlineThere are a number of different factors that can help someone to find success in the world of business. Having the right connections, earning the right education, pursuing the right goals, putting in extra effort and gaining experience are all critical factors when it comes to success in the business world.

However, the only one of these that is certain is education. Regardless of what your connections are or how well your performance in perceived by bosses and employers, the right education can ensure that you are able to find work throughout the industry for decades to come.

A DBA, or Doctor of Business Administration, is one of the top degrees available in business. If you are interested in climbing to the peak of this industry, then read on to learn more about what a DBA really is, why choosing a specialization is vital, what the prerequisites for a DBA are, what career options and opportunities are available for graduates and how an online degree can fit into any busy professional’s schedule.

What is a DBA?

A DBA is a Doctor of Business Administration, the terminal degree available in the field. This degree takes anywhere from three to eight years to complete depending on the schedule of the student and the time spent annually on the course. The degree is typically divided up into three sections including the classroom instruction period, the period of examination and the period of dissertation research, writing and defense. Students who pursue a DBA will be able to secure the top positions in the world of business and in business education.

Choosing a Specialization

Most students who opt to pursue a DBA will need to narrow down the field and choose a specialization. This concentration will allow them to have a more solid grasp on a niche area, and it will mean that graduates are truly experts in their particular field. Some of the most common specializations include marketing, game theory, capital markets, accounting, managerial economics, international finance, global organizational leadership and global business. These specializations will allow graduates to find work in their specific area of knowledge. For Online Business Degrees example, a graduate holding a DBA – Marketing might go on to teach work as a marketing consultant for a Fortune 500 company.

Prerequisites for a Doctor of Business Administration

Before students can begin pursuing a doctoral degree in business administration, they will need to meet specific requirements set forth by the university they plan to attend. Most schools offering a DBA program will expect applicants to have a master’s degree in a related field, have some work experience in business administration, be able to commit to the duration of the program and have some thesis suggestions for the dissertation portion of the degree program.

Career Opportunities and Prospects for Graduates

Having a doctoral degree in business administration means that graduates can find work in almost any industry. However, the majority of graduates will go on to work in fields like academia, business, government, research and non-profits. Being at the most advanced stage of their education means that graduates typically enjoy high salaries and titles like professor, head researcher or consultant.

Fitting an Online DBA Into Your Schedule

Although earning a DBA is certainly a time-consuming and challenging endeavor, it can be done in less time and with less hassle than you might think. Instead of attending classroom lectures at specific times, online students can log onto their computer and begin streaming lectures from the comfort of home, studying whenever they have time and fitting exams into their own schedule.


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