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Accounting Degrees OnlineIn decades past, accounting used to mean physically writing down both expenditures and incoming profits to determine whether or not a business was successful. Extensive ledgers were kept and accountants did much of the work by hand. Although there are a few small business who still take this route when accounting, modern technology has made the entire process much simpler.

Computers and accounting software make it easy to quickly and efficiently see a company’s expenses and profits on the screen. For this reason, more and more accounting professionals are relying on these new types of technology for their jobs.

If you are interested in an accounting career, then one of the fastest ways to gain familiarity with these accounting software programs and technologies is through a computerized accounting specialist certificate. Read on for additional information on what you will study when earning this certificate, who should pursue this certificate, what to expect after graduation in terms of salary and career and how online certificates are revolutionizing the field of accounting.

Typical Curriculum for a Certificate – Computerized Accounting Specialist

Certificates in computerized accounting can vary substantially depending on where they are issued. A vocational training center, for example, might have a very different curriculum from a local community college. However, most certificates will take anywhere from three to nine months to complete and will teach students how to use all of the most popular accounting software programs. Although the specific courses vary depending on the program, some of the most common courses offered through these certificates include managing electronic ledgers, payroll accounting, computer applications, payroll law, business tax procedures, business communication skills and financial record-keeping.

Who Should Pursue This Certificate

Those who should strongly consider pursuing this certificate are those who are skilled in math, those who enjoy working with others, those who are eager to find stable and well-paid work right away and those who have a firm grasp on many different types of computer software. Most certificates will have certain prerequisites that applicants have to meet in order to be eligible students. These requirements will differ from school to school, but they typically include having a high school diploma or a general education degree, being over the age of 18 Online Accounting Degreesor having parental permission at the time of enrollment and being able to pass tests to confirm basic math and English abilities. Some students from international destinations may also need to pass an English language exam to confirm fluency.

What to Expect After Graduation

After graduating from a certificate program, most students will go on to work in the field of computerized accounting. Although many graduates will be able to find careers within accounting or tax firms, many more will work in the payroll or accounting department of a corporation, a small business or even a nonprofit organization. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for those who work as computerized accounting specialists is $33,450, although that number can rise with relocation to a large city, additional education or several years of experience in the field.

Advantages of Online Certificates

There are many clear advantages to earning your certificate in computerized accounting online instead of in a more traditional classroom setting. By having the ability to complete the coursework, listen to lectures, study and even take exams whenever it is convenient for you, it will be much easier to complete the certificate in less time. In addition, online certificates are often more affordable than traditional programs thanks to their lower overhead costs.

Anyone who believes that a career in accounting in the right choice should strongly consider an certificate in computerized accounting available through one of the many great accredited online colleges.

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