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One of the most popular degree subjects in colleges today is communications. This study involves writing, communicating verbally with others and even reading comprehension in one degree program. If you enjoy reading and writing, and you consider yourself to have excellent communication skills, then you might be the perfect candidate for a degree in the field. Even if you already work full-time or you have a family to take care of during the day, you could pursue a bachelor’s degree online in your spare time.

A BS in Communications can be completed in fewer than four years, and students will have the option of speeding up or slowing down the pace of the course to suit their own schedule. By earning this degree, you will have access to better pay, greater stability in the workplace and a number of interesting careers. Read on for information on some of the great employment opportunities available to graduates holding a communications degree.


This career is one of the employment options most commonly associated with communications degrees. It could involve everything from writing magazine articles to blogging or even writing editorials for a newspaper. Journalism is an interesting field, and it is one that is expanding into new forms through social media and the rise of the Internet.

Advertising Executive

Although many people assume that you need to have an advertising degree to get involved with advertising agencies, the truth is that a communications degree may be even more effective. Graduates holding a communications degree will understand how to get the point across for a brand, celebrity or product, and they will be able to use visual, verbal and written information through campaigns to promote an products or services.

Technical Writer

This career may not seem glamorous, but it is an interesting career that involves writing out detailed materials like brochures or instruction manuals. If you are a great communicator with a degree, you can enjoy a flexible career as a technical writer in many different fields.

Music Producer

Although this career comes as a surprise to many individuals, it is actually a natural fit for someone with a communications degree and a musical background. If you have both of these things, then you will understand what it takes to make a recording artists a success and how to promote both the music and the public image of the artist at the same time.

Human Resources Manager

The primary job of a human resources manager is to ensure that staff and upper management or the owners of a company can get along well, are meeting the expectations of one another and are happy doing their daily tasks. This job involves great communication skills and the ability to act diplomatically. Earning a communications degree online can be a great way to find a career as a human resources manager.

Sports Commentator

Loving sports or knowing everything there is to know about a particular sport is not all that it takes to work as a sports commentator or sportscaster. You will also need the ability to communicate effectively with a live or television audience. An online bachelor’s degree in communications can be the perfect way to prepare for that kind of exciting career.

Speech Writer

Those who have the ability to communicate ideas effectively will be the perfect candidates for a career as a speech writer. Since many people who can give speeches effectively are not necessarily able to write them well, there are many communications graduates who work behind the scenes to craft speeches for celebrities, politicians and business leaders.

By earning a degree in communications online, you can apply to work as any one of the careers listed above.

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