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Bridal ConsultantA woman’s wedding day is often the most important and significant occasion in her entire life. There are countless factors that go into making that day special and memorable, but one of the most important is finding the perfect wedding dress. With literally thousands of dresses to choose from and budgets that often climb upwards of $10,000, it is vital that brides find a dress that suits them, flatters them, makes them feel beautiful for their big day and still comes within their budget. Most women will choose their wedding dress from a bridal boutique.

These boutiques hire trained bridal consultants who are familiar with fashion design, have great communication skills and can sell wedding dresses to prospective customers. If you love fashion, you love weddings and you want to find work in this industry, then an online education in the filed may be just what you need to get ahead. Read on to learn more about becoming a bridal consultant, what kind of career prospects are available and what skills you should have for the best chance of success.

Working as a Consultant in a Bridal Shop

The most common career in the area of bridal support is working at a bridal store or boutique where wedding dresses, bridal accessories and shoes are sold. The work of a consultant at these locations will involve speaking with clients about what they desire from a dress and then pulling a few dresses that fit that description. Consultants will be expected to know which dresses will suit which body types, and they may need to help brides adjust their expectations regarding sizing or even price. For those who enjoy helping others and get excited about weddings, this can be a fun and rewarding career.

Working as a Consultant for Wedding Registries

Not all consultants for brides work in wedding dress retail establishments. Many more work in traditional retailers that sell items like porcelain, dishware or home appliances. Since many brides will choose to register for gifts at these retailers, consultants can assist the bride and perhaps the groom in choosing specific items for the registry. Consultants working in this position will be expected to understand trends in home furnishings and be able to share this information with clients as needed.

Bridal ConsultantsTraining to Become a Consultant in the Bridal Industry

Although no degree or certification is required in order to work as a consultant in the bridal industry, it will help tremendously to have some kind of formal training. Often, upscale boutiques will want to hire those with associate or even bachelor’s degrees in fields like sales or fashion design. In order to earn more as a consultant, have great employment opportunities and find the top positions in the field, an online degree can be helpful to push your career forward.

Skills Needed for a Career in this Field

Aside from training and education, consultants in the wedding and bridal business will need to be excellent communicators, have friendly and outgoing personalities and be organized. Being familiar with various fabrics and dress styles, as well as the newest bridal fashion trends, is also important. However, these skills can be learned on the job if needed.

Prospects and Career Growth Predictions

Those who hold full-time careers in a bridal boutique can often expect to earn between $28,000 and $50,000 annually. It is important to note, however, that incomes are often based on sales and commission and may be higher during the traditional wedding season of spring and summer.

If you are interested in working as bridal consultant, then be sure to learn more about training courses and degrees in sales and fashion through accredited online colleges.

Whatever your goals may be for the future, you can find a way to reach them more easily with the right education and skills. Accredited Online Colleges can help you move forward in your search for an accredited college or university with the programs that can help you succeed.

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