A Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Can Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

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Criminal JusticeCriminal justice, or the study of government policies and practices that govern society, are important for many different reasons. The criminal justice system plays a role in preventing crimes in various areas, and it also brings criminals to justice if they commit crimes of any kind. In order for the criminal justice system to be effective, there needs to be qualified, educated and dedicated individuals to take on leadership positions within the field.

If you are interested in pursuing an advanced career in criminal justice, then a master’s degree may be the perfect choice.

Although many people think they are too busy for an advanced degree, online education can make it easy for even the busiest individuals to balance studying, a full time career and even a family at the same time. Read on to learn more about the master’s degree in criminal justice, what the prerequisites for this degree program are, what subjects students can expect to cover while earning this degree, career opportunities for graduates and the advantages of an online degree.

Understanding the Master’s Degree in the Study of Criminal Justice

Like most master’s degree, this degree will take students anywhere from one to two years to complete. The goal of the degree is to prepare students for careers in criminal justice. In order to accomplish this, the program will seek to help students understand various aspects of the criminal justice system, which people take on which positions within the system and how the system works to reduce crime overall.

Prerequisites for this Degree Program

There are a number of prerequisites that individuals will need to meet before they are eligible for a position in a master’s Online Master's Degree in Criminal Justiceprogram in criminal justice. First, students will need to have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university. Although it does not have to be in criminal justice, a related subject degree could be beneficial.

Applicants should also have GRE scores and college grades that meet the standards of the master’s program that they are applying to. Finally, any students who plan to pursue an online master’s degree should have regular access to a computer and the Internet.

Typical Curriculum for this Master’s Degree

It is important that potential students are aware of the curriculum for a master’s degree in this subject. Unlike an undergraduate degree, students will take a combination of classes as well as compiling independent research for a final thesis.

Although the specific courses you take will rely significantly on your area of interest, some of the most popular classes for a criminal justice master’s degree include that of public policy, the justice system in America, criminal justice administration and the ethics of criminal justice.

Career Opportunities and Prospects for Graduates

After graduating with a master’s degree, criminal justice students will have countless employment opportunities available to them. Although a large number of graduates will go on to work in government agencies and law enforcement, there will also be careers in the private sector and in nonprofit organizations. Just a few of the most common job titles, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, include that of policy researcher, FBI agent and probation officer.

Advantages of Online Education in Criminal Justice

There are many benefits to earning your criminal justice degree online instead of in a traditional campus. Online education will save you time, as you don’t need to commute each day. It will also give you a greater level of flexibility, since you can study whenever and wherever it suits your schedule.


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