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Online Digital Media DegreesGone are the days when you needed to carry around an easel and paintbrushes in order to consider yourself an artist. Today, digital art is much more prevalent, and most advertising agencies and art organizations require their employees to have a thorough knowledge of art applications on a computer. One of the top careers in this industry is that of digital media specialist or expert. This individual is someone who is skilled in various areas of digital media, including animation, sound and special effects.

If this sounds like something you are interested in for your own career, it is important to realize that education is vital. To learn all about the various ways to edit and create digital media, you will need to earn a minimum of an associate degree.

Read on to better understand the education needed for a digital media career, what you can expect to study, what careers and prospects are available for those in the field, what characteristics are most valued in digital media and how an online degree can be an asset.

Education for a Career in Digital Media

While there are a handful of people who have found positions of success in the field of digital media without a formal education beyond the high school level, a college degree or even a course certificate can be a huge asset when it comes time to find a job. Both the associate and the bachelor’s degrees in digital media are available online, and they can be a great way to better understand the industry and learn the skills necessary for employment. Shorter online certificates can also be a great way to brush up on things like website design, graphic illustration for video games or special effects for films.

What You Can Expect to Study

If you choose to pursue a degree in digital media, you can expect to spend the majority of your time focused on core Digital Media Degrees Onlineclasses. These might include visual design, media studies, web development, audio production, principles of design and composition, computer illustration and communication technology. Many students will also pick a specific area of digital media to focus on for the duration of their degree, which can help to secure a niche employment position after graduation.

Careers and Prospects for Digital Media Experts

Digital media experts can work in countless different environments after graduating with the right qualifications. Many will go on to work in commercial advertising, on a television or movie set, at a music production company or even in a video game design business. You might be surprised to learn that digital media professionals often work in schools, as their skills are incredibly useful when it comes to maintaining the digital media for public high schools, colleges or even government education agencies.

Characteristics Most Valued in the Field of Digital Media

If you are interested in pursuing a career in digital media, there are a few specific characteristics that will be highly valued in the field. Creativity, above all, is incredibly important. However, in digital media it is also vital that individuals are able to work well with others and follow instructions, especially when dealing with large projects or collaborating with other artists.

Advantages of an Online Degree in Digital Media

Earning your digital media degree online is a smart choice for busy individuals. You can study and even take exams right from the comfort of home, saving you both time and money. Instead of commuting and attending scheduled classes, you can listen to or watch recorded classes any time of day.


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