Which Healthcare Degrees are the Best Choice?

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Healthcare Degrees OnlineThere are many reasons that people are interested in healthcare careers. The medical and healthcare industry is one of the few that is currently on the rise and needing more employees than ever before, a sharp contrast to the layoffs in fields like finance and manufacturing. In addition, many individuals enjoy working with others, making a difference and feeling rewarded and satisfied at the end of the day. If you can relate, then a career in healthcare might be a great choice for your online degree. There are dozens of healthcare degrees to choose from.

First, you will need to think about whether an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree is most appropriate for you, your schedule and your budget. Then, you will want to focus on a specific degree program that prepares you for a career after graduation. Here are a few of the most popular healthcare degrees, as well as why they may interest you.

Physician Assisting

As the number of people who require healthcare and treatment increases, doctors have a harder time fitting in all of their patients. Physician assistants are taking over a lot of the traditional physician duties, such as dealing with the administrative side of treating patients, to allow for doctors to focus on what they do best. If you are interested in working directly with patients, you enjoy the study of medicine and you have a desire to learn more about this field, then consider a degree in physician assisting.

Dental Hygiene

Studying to become a dentist can take as long as 10 years, so many people assume that a career in dentistry is beyond  Healthcare Degrees their reach. However, an online associate degree in dental hygiene can take as little as 18 months for students to complete. With this degree, you can find a career as a dental hygienist. This type of work includes cleaning the teeth of dental patients, teaching them how to effectively clean their own teeth and floss in between visits and preparing them for their procedure with the dentist.

Physical Therapy Assisting

After individuals have accidents or injuries, they often turn to physical therapy to heal and retrain their bodies. This type of work is challenging, both for the patients and the healthcare professional, so an assistant will take on a large role. Physical therapy assistants may make appointments for new clients, help patients to learn how to work through their exercises at home or set up for the session before the patient arrives. To succeed in this position, you will need a desire to help others and a positive attitude.

Veterinary Technology

Many people forget that the term health care can apply to animals as well as humans. Even if you don’t think you have the time or resources to become a fully licensed veterinarian, a two-year online degree in veterinary technology can allow you to work in basic veterinary roles or assist other veterinarians. If you love animals and you would like to work in a zoo or an animal hospital, then this degree is a clear choice for you.

Healthcare Administration

One of the most important and in-demand careers within the healthcare industry is that of the healthcare administrator. The point of a healthcare administration degree is to prepare graduates to oversee and manage hospital wings, private practices, clinics or nursing homes. The position requires basic skills in everything from accounting to human resources, but it can be an interesting and lucrative career for the right candidate.

Although the perfect healthcare career will always be the one that suits you and your interests, each of the degrees can help you secure a career that is highly in-demand. Discover the  many options to earn your degree online at

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