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Design and Architecture DegreesAmong artists, there is a common saying that you are either born with creativity, or you aren’t. It’s as simple as that. For creative personalities, it can be a struggle to find a career that allows them to express themselves while still bringing in a decent salary. If you are a creative person with artistic talent, then a degree in this field may be the perfect choice for you.

Thanks to the sheer number of online degrees available in these subjects, it is more convenient that ever to pursue your dreams and turn a passion into a career.

However, you may be confused about the sheer number of design-related degrees available. Whether you are interested in landscaping, fashion or computer graphics, there is a degree in this area that will appeal to you.

Read on for descriptions of all the online design degrees that are available so that you can choose the one that best fits your creative passion.


Creating new architecture may rely heavily on things like math and physics, but it also involves a lot of creativity. Unlike those who work primarily on the construction side of new buildings, architects are able to express their creativity in their blueprints.

They may have to meet specific requests from clients when it comes to practical things like room numbers, size or budget, but they can also show off their artistic side through materials, unique styles and more.

If you have the ability to see and sketch new buildings, you are capable of using computer drafting software and you have strong math skills, then a degree in architecture may be the perfect option for you.


One of the most popular design-related careers is that of fashion. In this field, creative men and women use their artistic skills and creative sensibilities to sketch out and then sew all of the beautiful clothes you will eventually find in department stores and boutiques.

In order to work as a fashion professional, you will need to have a solid background in the field. An online degree can teach you all about fabrics, current clothing styles, sewing techniques and more, but your artistic ability will still shine through with every project you undertake.


Although there are some landscaping careers that don’t require you to have a degree, all the top positions in the field will Landscaping Degreesrequire at least an associate degree. This creative art form is more than just mowing and weeding.

Some of the largest and most beautiful gardens in the world were created by those with the skills and knowledge to know which angles are the most pleasing to guests, engineering techniques to build archways out of hedges and the artistic talent to place contrasting or cohesive flowers next to one another.

Website Creation

The ability to create a website involves more than just knowing how to write code or import images.

Those websites that really stand out visually are the ones that have been created by students of advanced website architecture. You need to have computer skills, but more important is the ability to visually see what will be pleasing for website visitors in the future.

Industrial Construction

To the average eye, a large factory may not be art. However, it is a form of creative architecture. It needs to blend function with aesthetics, so companies are often willing to pay high salaries for industrial architects who have solid degrees.

If you think this could be the career for you, then consider pursuing a degree online or through a traditional college campus.

Design degrees encompass a variety of different subjects, such as the ones listed above. Choose one that suits your creative passions to prepare for your dream career after graduation.

Whatever type of degree you would like to specialize in, there is likely an online degree that can help you develop your skills and knowledge to prepare for a great career. Discover you options at

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