A Comprehensive Guide to Online Degrees in Business Administration

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Online Degrees in Business AdministrationChoosing the right type of degree is not always easy. Aspiring students will need to decide between a traditional program and an online degree, they will need to determine which subject to major in and they will have to pick between an associate, a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree.

One of the most popular degrees today is that of business administration. Students in this degree program will learn how to support business professionals, how to oversee various aspects of a business and how to maintain a positive and efficient work environment for employees.

If you think that you might be interested in this degree program, read on. This guide covers everything from a typical degree curriculum to choosing the right degree level and understanding career options after graduation.

Choosing the Right Degree Program

Anyone interested in a career as a business administrator will have the option of choosing between several different degree programs. The three most common are the associate degree, the bachelor’s degree and the master’s degree. An associate degree takes an average of two years to complete and is the ideal choice for someone who wants to begin a career in this field as quickly as possible. For most employers, candidates require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to secure a career or even an interview.

A bachelor’s degree consists of roughly 120 credits and often takes students four years to complete. In order to secure some of the top careers in this industry, you may be interested in a master’s degree, which requires a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite and takes anywhere from one to two years to earn.

Understanding the Typical Curriculum

Although the curriculum for these degrees will differ depending on the college you choose to attend and the degree level you ultimately pursue, many of the subjects will be the same. The most common courses to find on a curriculum in this field include that of business statistics, microeconomics, economic principles, human resources management, project management, fundamentals of entrepreneurship and developing budgets. In the case of the associate degree and the bachelor’s degree, students will also be expected to take courses in general education subjects like math, science or history to round out their education.

Benefits of an Online Degree

Each year, an increasing number of students decide to pursue their degrees online instead of through a traditional college program. The reasons for this are varied for each individual student, but most claim that it is because online courses are typically more affordable, more flexible and more convenient.

Since you won’t need to travel to a campus and attend set lectures or exams, anyone can fit recorded lectures and online discussions into their schedule. If you have a family, you hold a full-time job or you simply want to enjoy a more flexible schedule, an online degree is the ideal solution for your advanced education.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Most students will pursue this business degree in administration in order to secure a great career after graduation. With a degree, graduates will be able to pursue a number of employment options. Some of the most popular choices are financial planner, security officer, cost estimator, benefits specialist, human resources managers or business specialist.

Characteristics of Successful Business Administrators

Although the only thing required of a business administrator in most companies is a degree, there are a few characteristics that most of the successful professionals in the industry have. If you have the ability to work well with others, excellent communication skills and a strong business background, then this degree will be the perfect fit.

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