Your Guide to an Online Degree in International Business

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International Business Degrees OnlineAs global trade and Internet communications grows, companies large and small are forced to think outside of domestic markets for sales, customers and suppliers. Whatever your industry, there is probably some part of the workforce that either lives overseas or deals with international partners.

Although there is a big demand for individuals who are trained to work overseas in business, there are few people who are qualified enough for a career in this growing field. The best way to get the education you need is to earn an online degree in international business.

Whether you opt for an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, it can turn around your career and help you prepare for success.

If an international career in business appeals to you, then read on for more information on the degrees available, typical curriculum for students, career opportunities after graduation and the appeal of an online degree.

Available Degrees in Foreign Business

It is important for aspiring students to realize that there are three available degrees in this field. The first, an associate degree, takes just two years to complete. However, it is only suitable as a starting-off point or to find an entry-level career in a larger corporation.

A bachelor’s degree is the standard in the field, and it takes an average of four years to complete all 120 credits. In order to secure the very best international employments positions in business, an additional one-year master’s degree is recommended.

Typical Curriculum for Students in This Field

Although every school’s curriculum and degree programs will vary slightly, most students will cover the same key subjects for this industry. Classes will serve to prepare graduates for careers in the world of business, so they will focus heavily on subjects like accounting, economics, marketing, management, calculus and financial statistics.

There will also be a heavy emphasis on global markets and international cultures, which will help students get a better feel for the geography and political systems around the world. Finally, students are typically required to study one nation in-depth, typically by gaining fluency in a language like Mandarin, Spanish, French or German.

Prerequisites for Enrollment

In order to apply for a spot in an associate degree program, aspiring students should be over the age of 18, have a highOnline International Business Degrees school diploma or general education degree and have a proven interest in business.

For a bachelor’s degree, applicants should also have specific SAT or ACT scores that meet the school standard, and they may also be expected to have minimum grade point averages from their high school career.

In order to pursue a master’s degree, you typically need to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, suitable GRE results and fluency in at least one foreign language.

Career Opportunities After Graduation

There are hundreds of potential careers that graduates can pursue once they hold a degree in this field, and many of them can be quite lucrative and exciting.

You might find work in international sales, as a manufacturing manager for a factory overseas, as a human resources specialist for an international corporation or as an investment banker for an overseas financial institution.

If you love travel and learning about new cultures, languages and cuisines, then this is the perfect career path for you.

Earning a degree in international business is the perfect way to secure your dream career. Even with a busy schedule, the convenience, affordability and flexibility of an online degree program offered through will allow you to pursue the education you need in order to get ahead.

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