What Does it Take to Become a Healthcare Administrator?

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Health Care CareersAlthough there are many areas of the economy that are struggling due a recession around the world, one of the few areas where growth continues at a rapid pace is the healthcare industry. As life expectancy grows, individuals need more and more care in their old age. In addition, rising problems with obesity mean that the healthcare industry has to accommodate more sick patients of all ages.

This need for health care staff means that doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists are all in great demand.

However, not everyone wants to have a hands-on position in this industry. Those who work behind the scenes as health care administrators still make a difference in the lives of patients, enjoy job security in this growing field and can feel rewarded and fulfilled at the end of each day.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in for your future career, then read on for information on what a health care administrator does each day, where you might be able to find employment, what degrees and requirements are necessary and what kind of salary and job growth you should expect.

What Does a Health Care Administrator Do?

Before you decide that a career as a health care administrator is something that you want to work toward, it is important that you know exactly what this position entails and what you can expect to do each day at work. In a nutshell, a health care administrator is someone who oversees the administrative side of a medical facility.

Daily tasks could include medical billing, collecting payments from patients, making appointments or even overseeing other staff in the office. This position was created to allow doctors, nurses and other trained medical staff to focus specifically on diagnosing and treating patients, so you might do anything that helps the facility to run smoothly and treat as many patients as possible.

Where Do Graduates Typically Find Employment?

Just as you might guess, health care administrators work anywhere that doctors and nurses do. You might be able to find a position in a private medical or dentistry practice, in a public clinic, in a nursing home or even in a hospital. Since many health care administrators are trained to deal with medical billing and coding, it is not uncommon to also qualify for work with health insurance companies.

What Requirements are Necessary to Become a Health Care Administrator?

Although it is possible to find a position as a health care administrator with just an associate degree, it is highly unlikely. Most employers will only accept applications from people with a bachelor’s degree in health care management or health care administration. For many senior positions, only those who hold a master’s degree will have a chance of being employed.

Thankfully, earning a degree is easier than ever thanks to the opportunity to study online. Accredited online colleges offer degrees at every level in health care management and administration, so students can study subjects like medical ethics, operations management, accounting, and medical records management. This will prepare you for a career as a health care administrator.

What Salary Can You Expect in This Position?

Since there is a high demand for trained professionals in this industry, salaries are quite high and job security is as well. Those with a master’s degree can expect to earn an average of $84,270 annually, but that number can rise due to factors like geographic location, additional qualifications or more than 10 years of experience.

No matter how busy your work or family schedule might be, you can fit in an online degree in health care administration in order to secure a career in this rewarding industry. Explore your options today to earn your degree in today’s most popular fields at

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