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Online Degree in PsychologyIt is no wonder that psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate classes and majors in the United States. The subject matter is fascinating and thought-provoking, and it appeals to students with varying interests.  This field studies human behavior as well as the mind, and it helps us better understand why we do what we do in various situations.

Whether you are interested in becoming a psychologist, a school counselor or you just find this subject matter fascinating, you might choose this subject for your undergraduate degree.

What Degrees are Available in This Subject?

Students who are interested in pursuing a degree in this field have four different options. These four options are the associate degree, the bachelor’s degree, the master’s degree and the doctoral degree.

The associate degree is a two-year undergraduate program that can prepare graduates for entry level careers, but it is often best used as an introduction to the bachelor’s degree.

The bachelor’s degree is the most popular option, as it allows graduates to secure a number of different careers within the industry.

The master’s degree takes two years to complete, and it is recommended for anyone who wants to become a licensed psychologist.

The doctorate is suggested for those students who want to do extensive writing or research on the subject or who plan to work in academics.

What Kind of Careers Can Graduates Obtain?

The reason this subject matter is so popular has a lot to do with the fact that it prepares students for a number of different careers. Although some graduates will eventually work as actual psychologists, that is not the only employment opportunity available.

Many students who graduate with bachelor’s degrees end up working as case managers, in human resources for large companies or as counselors for schools and academic institutes.

Those individuals who decide to become psychologists also have the opportunity to work in many different industries. It is possible to become a family psychologist, a criminal psychologist or even a forensic psychologist.

What Does a Typical Curriculum Look Like?

While it is impossible to pinpoint exactly what a given school’s curriculum will look like for a degree in this subject, Online Degree in Psychologyundergraduate students should expect a mix of core-related classes and some general education classes.

Many of the core-related classes will be in subjects like research methods, cognition, child development, human resources and personality theories.

At the master’s degree and doctorate levels, students will typically be able to focus on a specific area that interests them most.

Who is a Good Match For an Online Degree?

Many students are surprised to learn that studying for their degree online can be more convenient, take less time and be more affordable than a typical campus degree.

However, there are some reservations as well. If you prefer to work with other students in group projects, for example, you might be a better fit for campus classes. If you have a busy schedule, want to avoid commutes or want to pay less each semester in tuition, then an online degree could be a better choice for your education.

Degrees in psychology can prepare you for a number of different careers in varying industries. To begin preparing for your future, head to accredited online colleges to learn about the degree program that will be the best match for you. Find out more about your options to further your education online at

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