6 Steps to Getting Your Dream Job in Computer Programming

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Computer ProgrammingIf you love spending time on computers, you have probably already thought about a career in a technological field. Working as a computer programmer is a dream job for many, but the competitiveness of the industry means that it can be hard to secure the position you want most. To get ahead, many people choose to earn an online degree in computer programming at the associate, bachelor’s or even master’s level. If you are ready to start down the path to your dream career in the field, these six steps can help you reach your goals.

1. Determine What Your Strengths Are

Before you can decide if a career as a computer programmer is right for you, it is important to honestly list your strengths and weaknesses in this area. It is unrealistic to pursue a career in this this field if you aren’t comfortable using computers and you prefer social work environments.

However, if you have strong science and math skills, you find programming to be easy and you look forward to challenging and often complex projects, then this is a great industry to consider for your future career.

2. Research Potential Careers

The next step is to research what kinds of careers you might be interested in pursuing in the future. You might be interested in working as a programmer for video games, as a software developer, as a systems analyst or as an expert in artificial intelligence. Once you have found a position that interests you, write it down and move onto the next step.

3. Learn About What Requirements There are For Those Careers

It is important to learn, in advance, what it takes to begin a career in any of the career positions listed above. For example, if you want to work as a video game programmer, you might discover that an associate degree is not typically deemed as sufficient. In this case, a bachelor’s degree, or a four-year undergraduate program, might be a better choice.

You will also learn that it is best to take some animation courses in conjunction with the programming curriculum, which can better prepare you for your dream career as a video game programmer.

4. Apply for an Online Degree Program

Once you know what degree is necessary for your ideal programming career, it is time to apply for these degrees yourself. Aspiring students will have the option of attending classes on a physical college campus or online over the Internet.

To meet the prerequisites for a typical bachelor’s degree in programming, you should have a high school diploma or the equivalent, have copies of your high school transcript available and have ACT or SAT scores that Computer Programming Online Degreesmeet your desired college’s minimum requirements.

5. Complete the Coursework and Take Exams

Although online degree programs are much more convenient and flexible than traditional programs, they still require the student to watch live lectures online, listen to prerecorded segments, complete assignments and take exams online.

Expect to take about two years to finish an associate degree and four years to complete a bachelor’s degree.

6. Apply for Your Dream Career

The final step in securing your ideal career is to begin applying for employment positions. Most employers hiring computer programmers are excited to learn that applicants have online degrees, as this simply shows they have dedication, motivation and the ability to use computers proficiently.

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