7 Reasons to Pursue an Online Degree in Information Technology

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Online Information Technology DegreesAt first glance, some students are convinced that the field of information technology, or IT, is too challenging to be worthwhile. While it certainly can be challenging, it can also be very fulfilling and financially rewarding. Long hours might be common, but for the right candidate it can be the perfect profession.

Before you can begin a career in IT, however, you will need to earn a degree that will prepare and train you for future employment.

If you are unsure of whether a degree is necessary, or if an online degree is the right choice, then read on to learn more about IT careers, what the advantages are and why an online degree really is ideal for busy professionals and those working in IT.

1. IT Professionals Can Expect Impressive Salaries

There is no denying that one of the most common reasons students decide to study IT is because salaries can be very high. It is not uncommon for those with just a bachelor’s degree and less than five years of experience to make over $100,000 per year in this field, which is a great motivator for many students to complete the degree program and be successful.

2. Few Positions Are Available For Those Without a Degree

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to secure a career in IT without a formal college education. Even if you have extensive experience and you feel incredibly confident doing things like programming, troubleshooting hardware, analyzing databases or securing computer networks, employees won’t be willing to hire you unless you have the education to back it up. Thankfully, online degrees are convenient, flexible and affordable enough that most students have no trouble completing their degrees.

3. An Online Degree Program Allows You to Study From Home

Anyone who thinks that having a job and studying for a degree are mutually exclusive simply don’t understand how online degrees work. If you are enrolled in an online degree program, you won’t have to attend set classes in a college lecture hall or schedule your life around exams. Instead, you can watch lectures online whenever it is convenient, and complete assignments and projects from the comfort of Information Technology Degrees Onlineyour couch.

4. A Degree in IT Prepares You For Many Different Career Paths

An IT degree won’t just prepare you for one or two jobs. It will open up a whole world of potential careers, many of which are very lucrative and stimulating.

A few of the many positions you could pursue include that of software engineer, database manager, computer systems analyst, network administrator or IT auditor.

5. Online Programs Can Be Surprisingly Affordable

Just like traditional college students, online students are eligible for federal students loans and need-based scholarships. In addition, online tuition fees are often significantly lower than tuition at brick and mortar schools, largely because online schools have lower overhead costs overall.

6. There are Fewer Prerequisites Than You Might Think

If you believe that you need to be an IT expert just to start an online degree, think again. All you need in order to enroll in most degree programs is a high school diploma and the willingness to study and learn the materials.

7. It Can Help You Find Stability and Respect

If you are ready to have a career instead of just a job, a degree in IT can be exactly what you are looking for. It will give you greater financial stability and respect among your peers.

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