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Educational AdministratorWhen most people think of careers in education, they immediately think of classroom teachers. While teachers are certainly an integral part of any education system, they are not the only ones working hard to keep schools running and students learning. There are many different careers available in the field of educational administration, but the majority of them require higher education and an advanced degree.

If you are working in a different field but would like to make the switch to education, or even if you currently work as a teacher but would like to transition out of the classroom, then you might be interested in an online master’s degree in education administration.

Understanding the Master’s Degree in Educational Administration

A master’s degree in educational administration is a program that takes students anywhere from one to two years to complete. The goal of this degree program is to prepare students for careers as educational administrators, curriculum developers and even principals.

The program allows students to focus on one area that they are most interested in, but they also have the option of following a more general curriculum that includes courses like school system organization, educational finances, instruction supervision and personnel administration. After completing the master’s degree in educational administration, you will have a variety of job opportunities awaiting you.

Prerequisites for Enrollment in an Educational Leardership Degree Program

Whether you are pursuing a master’s degree in educational administration online or in a traditional college campus  Educational Administrationsetting, you will need to apply, be admitted into the program and then enroll before you are an official student at the start of the first class.

While it is possible for anyone with drive and dedication to become an educational administrator, there are a number of prerequisites that you need to be able to meet in order to get admitted to a degree program.

Most importantly, applicants should have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Many programs also request that students have experience in the classroom before applying, and others suggest that applicants have GRE scores to submit along with their applications.

Pursuing a Master’s Degree Online in the Field of Education

Many students are worried that earning their master’s degree online will be different in some way from a traditional degree program. While an online program is far more convenient and flexible than a traditional program, it is actually very similar in terms of lectures, exams, time needed to complete the course, costs and acceptance among future employers.

All of the lectures and classroom sessions can be watched live via Internet streaming from the comfort of home, or students can tune in to recorded lectures later on when it is more convenient. Even exams can be taken from your own computer whenever they fit best into your busy schedule.

Careers and Opportunities for Education Admin Graduates

Most graduates find work within the education system in administrative or supervisory positions, but a few will also go on to work in other industries as managers or administrative supervisors.

Those who stay within education will often decide to take positions as a principal, assistant principal, curriculum consultant, faculty advisor or educational trainer. Although these positions can be quite competitive, they are rewarding and stable options for those in the field.

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