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Multimedia & Web DesignNot everyone who works in the world of computing and the Internet spends their days programming or dealing with code. In fact, there are a number of career opportunities in this field that are perfect for those with very creative personalities and artistic sensibilities. If you feel very comfortable using different design programs on the computer, you feel that you are artistic by nature and you want a stable career in a growing industry, then a career as a web design or a multimedia artist may be the perfect choice for you.

Although companies often make their hires based on portfolios and past work experience, having the right credentials can go a long way in helping you get ahead in this field. The best option for many busy students is an online degree, which can be completed from your office or your home in any time that is available.

Find out more about the degrees available in multimedia and web design, the prerequisites needed for enrollment, the job opportunities after graduation, the benefits of an online degree and what you can expect to learn while earning this degree.

Degrees Available in Multimedia & Web Design

There are three types of degrees available in this field. The first, an associate degree, is a two-year program that helps students learn the very basics of website design. It is ideal for those who want to begin working in the field as quickly as possible, but it typically only helps obtain entry level careers. The bachelor’s degree is the most common degree available in this field, and it takes an average of four years to complete the 120 required credits. Anyone who has completed their bachelor’s degree and is still interested in advanced education or the top positions in web design may be interested in the master’s degree, which takes anywhere from one to two years to complete and allows for specialization.

Prerequisites for an Online Degree

Before you can begin earning your degree in multimedia and web design, you will need to apply and then enroll in an online degree program offered by an accredited online college. It is important to note that while the specific acceptance Online Web Design Degreesstandards differ from school to school, many of the requirements are roughly the same. Applicants should typically be over the age of 18 by the time of enrollment or have parental permission, have a demonstrated interest in this field, have a high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree and have SAT or ACT scores that meet the college’s qualifying standards.

Typical Curriculum for a Degree in Web Design and Multimedia Studies

In an associate degree program, students will split their time between general education courses and introductory classes in basic website design and using interactive mediums for art projects. In many ways, the bachelor’s degree is similar, but it is twice as long. Both will cover subjects like web site construction, HTMl, CSS, graphics, advertisement layouts, animation and typography, but the bachelor’s degree may be more in-depth. A master’s degree allow you to advance your skills and focus more on one specific area within the field.

Job Opportunities and Prospects After Graduation

Many graduates go on to work in fields like marketing, advertising, art or website design. Some of the common titles for graduates include things like creative director, webmaster, graphic designer or web developer. Many individuals in this field work in freelance positions, but salaries and pay remain high for projects.

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