Top 7 Careers to Pursue After Earning an Online Degree in Criminal Justice

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Online Degree in Criminal JusticeFor anyone interested in the legal system or the justice system, or anyone who wants to work towards protecting their fellow citizens, a career in the field of criminal justice might sound appealing. The work can be challenging, but the subject matter is interesting and no two days are ever the same. Individuals who are interested in pursuing careers within this field should consider first earning a degree online. You can choose from the two-year associate degree, the four-year bachelor’s degree or the advanced master’s degree, all of which can help you secure one of the many interesting employment positions within the legal and justice systems. There are jobs at every education level and for every personal interest.

1. Police Officer

This is the career most closely associated with a justice degree, and it is a great fit for graduates. Since you already have a thorough knowledge of the criminal courts and the justice system, you know which acts are crimes and how to apprehend criminals. Graduates can find satisfying and stable work as police officers in small towns or big cities, and they can also work as sheriffs or deputy sheriffs in counties.

2. Criminologist

If you find yourself drawn to the reasons behind why people commit crimes, perhaps a career as a criminologist is Criminal Justice Degrees Onlinethe right fit for you. Many people claim that working in criminology is a combination of criminal justice and psychology, as you will spend much of your time analyzing the behavior and patterns of criminals and suspects.

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3. FBI Agent

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, performs a wide range of tasks to protect citizens within the country and even around the world. They often investigate criminal acts that take place across state lines or on a large scale, and these can include everything from robberies to forgeries to organized crime. If you think this sounds fascinating and thrilling, then consider a career with the FBI.

4. Private Investigator

Not everyone who graduates with a degree in criminology or justice will go on to work for the state or federal government. In fact, many students will end up starting their own businesses as private investigators. This career involves finding missing persons, locating stolen goods, tracking alleged suspects and other tasks requests by clients.

5. Paralegal

Although working as an attorney requires you to first attend law school and pass the bar exam, paralegals often need nothing more than an undergraduate degree to find exciting careers. A paralegal is essentially the assistant to a lawyer, so you might spend your day meeting with clients, preparing briefs or researching past cases to use in court.

6. Drug Enforcement Agent

The war on drugs is one that is constantly being fought, and dedicated men and women are needed to protect young children from the dangers of drugs, to ensure that drugs are not being smuggled across international borders and to prosecute those who break the law in this regard.

7. Forensic Artist

It is a common misconception that those with artistic talents are not needed in this industry. In reality, artists are a vital part of tracking down suspects and criminals and identifying them before they can hurt others or commit further crimes. If you want to help others and you have strong artistic skills, working as a forensic artist could be the ideal career for your future.

If any of these careers in the field of criminal justice sound like something you might be interested in, consider earning an online degree through accredited online colleges to head down the road toward success.

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