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Security and Protective ServicesThere are many factors that go into deciding what kind of career is best for you. You might choose a field of employment based on average earnings, what subjects interest you most and the level of education needed in order to be a success. One thing that you should also consider is how you feel after a day at work. In certain fields, you might feel drained and unhappy. In others, even the most challenging days can leave you feeling fulfilled, satisfied and pleased that you are doing something good for the world. Protective services is a large field of study that includes things like police work, public safety and social services.

If you are thinking seriously about a career within this field, then read on to learn more about what the advantages and disadvantages are, what kind of education is necessary, what sorts of careers are available in the field and why an online degree can get you where you need to be.

Pros and Cons of Careers in this Industry

Finding a career as a protective service worker can be incredibly fulfilling, especially for those who place a high priority on doing the right thing and helping others. Other advantages of this career includes stability in the industry, the ability to continually move upwards and continue your education and a reasonable salary with impressive benefits. However, there are disadvantages as well. A protective service worker will have an incredibly challenging career, and it can be unsettling and emotional at times. In addition, the pay is typically lower than for those who work in the private sector, although there are a handful of private employment positions available for those with higher education degrees and experience.

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Getting the Right Degrees and Training

Before you can even think about finding a job as a protective service worker, you will first need to get the right education, degrees or training. Most employees in this field will hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, which can be earned over an average of four years through an accredited online college. Many students choose to earn their bachelor’s degree in social work, but it is also possible to study subjects like sociology or psychology instead. In many of the highest positions, an additional master’s degree is required. These degrees take anywhere from one to two years to complete, and they are available online as well as through traditional college campuses.

Careers and Prospects for GraduatesPolicemen

The most common career in the field is as a protective service worker, or a person who works to protect and guide children, the mentally disabled or anyone who is vulnerable and requires assistance. However, many others in the same industry might hold positions within the local police department, as guidance counselors, as social workers or even as emergency public safety officials. There is a growing need for trained and educated individuals in the field, and most graduates who hold at least a bachelor’s degree will have a reasonable time of finding employment.

Choosing an Online Degree for a Successful Future

Many students will have to decide between a more traditional campus degree and an online degree earned through an accredited online college. An online degree is the more convenient option, and it is the ideal choice for busy students who want to advance their careers while still maintaining an active social life, full-time job or family. Online degrees are widely accepted among employers, and they can even be more affordable than traditional options.

Working in protective services is not easy, but it is intensely rewarding for the right candidate who holds the right online degree. has a comprehensive listing of today’s best programs as well as colleges and universities that can help you reach your goals.

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