Top 6 Careers in Advertising

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Advertising CareerOne of the most important parts of any company, nonprofit organization or political group is advertising. Without some kind of outreach and marketing, individuals simply won’t know about the product, brand, services, politicians or charities in question. However, trying to advertise something is not a simple task. It requires extensive training and lots of hard work. In order to work in this field, most employers will expect applicants to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, although some entry level positions are available for those who have extensive experience or an associate degree instead. There are many different careers available in this industry, but some of the most popular are the six that are listed below. An online degree can help you to begin applying for any of these incredible career opportunities.

1. Copywriter

Although this may not be the first person you think of in the world of advertisements, copywriters have a large role to play in this industry. These are the talented writers who create catchy slogans for products and brands, and they even write the political slogans that are repeated often during important campaigns. Aside from these short and catchy statements, copywriters often write press releases, the dialogue or script for commercials and any other written material for advertorials and promotional materials.

2. Media Planner

This employment position is one that requires exceptional skills in organization and communication. In a sense, a media planner is a project manager for a brand or product. In this role you might oversee all aspects of a campaign, decide when to release commercials, choose which magazines to advertise in and decide how to time all the various elements. It takes plenty of business knowledge, and it is one of the most important careers in the industry.

3. Account Executive

An account executive is perhaps the most common role in the field. This is the person who manages individual clients for large firms. Clients, in this case, could refer to a political party, a celebrity or a new restaurant chain. The account executive focuses exclusively on one or two clients at a time and acts as a liaison between the client and the company as a whole.

4. Public Relations Manager

This career is one of the best-paying employment opportunities in the entire industry. A public relations manager is someone who works directly for a specific company or celebrity to craft their public image. It could involve writing press releases, organizing public appearances or working through potential interview questions. It is often less about brands and marketing as it is about image and public perception.

5. Illustrators/Creative Staff

For those who have a creative side, working as an illustrator can be a great way to find satisfaction and employment in this industry. An advertisement often requires extensive and elaborate illustrations, and an illustrator or graphic designer can take on these creative challenges. Depending on the product and the medium, this work can take on different aspects. Ultimately, however, it requires artistic abilities and some experience with a similar project in the past.

6. Online Promotion

In our rapidly changing and modernizing world, many of the largest forms of marketing are now online. Online promotion specialists are needed to teach companies and their staff about how to adjust ads to reach Internet users. For example, certain advertisements will need to be sized to look more attractive from tablet computers or mobile devices. This part of the industry is one that is rapidly growing, and potential employees should have advertorial experience and strong computer knowledge.

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