Barnes and Noble to be the next leaders in Online Education?

January 29th, 2013 by

Recent news sources show that the Pearson education company invested millions into research for the Nook, a tablet primarily owned by Barnes and Noble. An article on the Online Education Blog claims that this transaction is a sign of Nook tablets being used more often in educational settings, and perhaps even one day replacing textbooks altogether.

Students and educational professionals alike will definitely be interested in the reasons listed in this article for the popularity of Nooks in education. Thanks to their light weight, their portability, their reasonable price and their compatibility with thousands of apps and functions, it certainly makes sense for an educational textbook company to look into this technological advancement for the future of their business.

Anyone who is curious about how educational and technology like the Nook tablet are working together to make learning more interactive will definitely want to check out the full article.

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