Online Course Enrollment Climbs for 10th Straight Year

February 5th, 2013 by

Kelsey Sheehy, education expert and writer for U.S. News, recently covered a report from the Babson Survey Research Group regarding the increasing number of students enrolled in online educaton courses. The study reports that roughly one-third of college students took an online course over the past year, which is a big increase from the year prior. However, it falls in line with the steady rise of online education that has been evident for the past decade. The author explains the causes for this increase as well as why the decreasing number of online faculty could be a problem for the future of online education.

Concerns for Online Students

It is clear to see that an increasing number of students feel comfortable using computers in daily life and even earning their college degree in this way. However, many are still concerned that federal aid and scholarships are not as readily available for online students. Program quality is another big issue, but students are learning to differentiate between accredited programs and other online courses. As employee acceptance of online learning continues to rise, the overall number of students taking online courses should grow each year, and the author does not feel like a coming plateau is likely.

Faculty Concerns

Although an increasing number of students are enrolled in online courses, faculty are more resistant to the idea. In fact, less than 30 percent of college faculty members supported the growth of online programs. Even retention rates for quality online professors are low, pinpointing a critical issue that will need to be addressed before online education can grow further.

If you are interested in pursuing online course enrollment or even teaching an online course, you may be interested in reading the full article on the U.S News website. Click here to learn more.

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