What it Takes to Become a Project Manager

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Project ManagementWorking as a project manager is a great goal for individuals because the pay is impressive, there can be a lot of stability associated with the title and it is a position of respect within most companies. However, not everyone can just decide to become a project manager. This career first requires extensive training, education and the right skill set.

Knowledge of What a Project Manager Does

The first thing that an aspiring project manager needs is a working knowledge of what this position entails. Essentially, a project manager is someone who oversees and supervises a particular project. Clearly, this could mean a lot of different things. A project manager working for an architectural firm could be overseeing the construction of a new shopping complex, but the project manager for a snack food company might be supervising the marketing, advertising and release of a new cookie.

In whatever field you choose to eventually work, a project manager needs to be able to communicate with staff, delegate tasks effectively and encourage others to Project Managementmeet deadlines in order to keep on schedule for the project in question.

Sufficient Qualifications

Before it is possible to be hired for a project manager position, you will most likely need to earn qualifications in the form of a degree or certificate on the subject. Although there are a limited number of degrees in this subject, most project managers finding that first securing a bachelor’s degree in another subject works best.

Then, you can earn a project manager certificate online to add to your qualifications. Most certificate programs consists of 12 credit hours and cover subjects like organizational behavior, staff communications, staffing strategies and management skills.

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Experience in a Particular Field

It is important to realize that you becoming a project manager without expertise in an additional subject is very rare. Project managers might oversee a marketing campaign, a construction site or a merger between two companies, so they will have to have knowledge in one of those specific subjects as well. Becoming a project manager is a great goal to have, but it should be a secondary goal. The first goal should be to secure a bachelor’s degree and an entry-level career in a field that you love. From there, you can work your way up to a project manager position.

The Right Attitude

The personal characteristics that are most common among successful project managers include diplomacy, excellent communication skills and the ability to organize several things at once. Since project managers may need to oversee hundreds of employees in several locations, they need to be able to manage countless ideas and actions at once. Being detail oriented and great at multitasking will go a long way for project managers.

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