Where Can an Online Nursing Degree Take You?

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Nursing DegreeIf you have always been interested in the medical profession, you love working directly with people and you want your career to really mean something, you might have already given some thought to becoming a nurse. Nurses do everything from diagnosing patients to assisting doctors in medical emergencies, and that kind of work can be incredibly challenging and very rewarding. However, many aspiring nurses avoid careers in nursing because they think that the only place to find work is in a fast-paced and busy hospital. Although more than half of registered nurses in the United States do work in hospitals, there are still many places that your online nursing degree can take you.

Oil Rig

Believe it or not, working as a nurse on an oil rig can be one of the most exciting careers in the medical industry, and it is also often one of the most lucrative. Oil rigs are usually located far out at sea, which means that nurses may spend up to three months at a time on the rig. However, the pay for this work is astronomical, and nurses may enjoy the relaxed pace and way of life that an oil rig brings.


Nurses who want to help children often find themselves drawn to working in schools. School nurses might work in elementary schools, high schools or college campuses, and their work Online Nursing Degreetypically deals with non-emergency medical problems that need treatment. Working in a school is often considered to be a desirable career because the schedule is more traditional, which is atypical in the nursing industry. As a bonus, the stress involved with being a school nurse is usually much less than in a hospital.

Insurance Companies

Medical insurance companies often require their prospective clients to have health screenings before agreeing to provide insurance. This screening consists of basic blood pressure checks, weight and height measurements and overall physical fitness testing. Nurses are often hired on a full-time basis so that insurance companies can carry out these medical screenings accurately.

Private Offices

Nursing degrees aren’t always just about treating emergency medical conditions, and they often involve a lot of administrative subjects. If this side of nursing appeals to you more than treatment, then you might want to consider working in the private office of a physician. You might bring in patients, find out their symptoms and then help doctors with their diagnosis. Unlike hospital nursing shifts, this type of work is usually free from excess stress, and it also follows a more traditional schedule.

Private Clients

For those aspiring nurses who want to really make individual connections with their patients, working as a private nurse might be the answer. Rather than working in one location, you actually travel to check on your clients directly. You could spend all day with one patient, or you might rotate through 60 clients over the course of a week.

Online nursing degrees can prepare you for a number of careers, and this list represents just a few of the places where your nursing degree can take you. Discover your options to earn your degree, advance your degree or upgrade your certification online in your area of the medical field at

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