The Pros and Cons of Working as a Pharmacy Technician

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Pharmacy TechnicianA pharmacy technician, or pharmacy tech, is someone who works in a pharmacy and helps to fill prescriptions and deal with customers. Technicians are not pharmacists, who are legally allowed to write prescriptions and can even sometimes diagnose patients. However, technicians will learn a lot about the most common medical issues and treatments while on the job. If you want to find a career that doesn’t require several years of training but still allows you to have the security and stability of the medical industry, then becoming a pharmacy tech might be the right fit for you. Before making up your mind, it is important to understand both the pros and cons of working as a pharmacy tech.

Advantages of Being a Pharmacy Tech

Flexibility of Work Locations

One of the best things about working as a pharmacy tech is having the option of working in countless different locations. Although most people envision pharmacy techs as only working in traditional commercial pharmacies, the reality is that you can find a job in a hospital, in a nursing home or even within a large pharmaceutical company.

Satisfying and Rewarding Work

At the end of a workday, many pharmacy techs feel satisfied and happy. This is a direct result of having a career where you can directly interact with people, help others and make a difference. Even when the work itself is challenging, having a sense of purpose can make the job seem easier and more enjoyable overall.

Minimal Education and Training

If you decide to become a pharmacy tech, you can actually become fully qualified in a short amount of time. Through online certification courses, you can train to work in a pharmacy in Pharmacy Technicianas little as three months. Online education is a great choice for anyone with a busy schedule, because all you need is Internet access and a computer in order to watch live lectures on the web and complete online exams whenever it fits into your schedule.

Constant Job Growth

The job market for pharmacy techs is rapidly growing, which is impressive in a time when many industries are struggling. Earning online certifications to become a pharmacy tech is a smart choice for those who value stability.

Disadvantages of Being a Pharmacy Tech

Repetitive and Uncomfortable Shifts

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to working in a pharmacy. Many people find that the work can sometimes be repetitive, which is an issue in both big and small pharmacies. In addition, pharmacy techs spend much of their shift on their feet, which can be tiring over time.

Lower Salary

Compared to the salary of a pharmacist, the salary of a pharmacy technician is quite low, and it averages out at $30,020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, when you factor in that training can take as little as a few weeks and there is room for growth, salary is less of an issue.

If you want to become a pharmacy tech, consider earning your certification through an accredited online college. Find the online program that will best fit your needs at

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