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Physical TherapyIf you are the kind of person who wants to work in the health care industry, you have strong science skills and you are interested in interacting directly with patients in a casual setting, then finding a career as a physical therapist may seem appealing. However, this field is one that requires several years of education and training, and not everyone has the time or desire to complete the courses all at once. Thankfully, online courses can prepare you for a number of different careers in the field. Here are three of the different careers that you can pursue within the field of physical therapy as well as what education is required for each one.

Physical Therapist(PT)

This is the position that requires the most training, several years of advanced education and a great knowledge of physical anatomy and physiology, but it is also the position that enjoys the greatest benefits and the highest salary. All physical therapists will first need to earn a bachelor’s degree, which is usually in a science or medicine-related field. From there, students have the option of pursuing either a master’s program or a doctorate training program. In order to become a fully licensed practicing physical therapist, you should expect to spend roughly six or seven years in formal education beyond the high school level. Thankfully, there are many online degree programs that can allow aspiring physical therapists to work and study at the same time, making the process easier and more manageable.

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

A physical therapist’s assistant, or PTA, works directly with physical therapists in private practices, hospitals, nursing Physical Therapyhomes or rehabilitation centers. Duties might range from operating and maintaining the medical equipment to teaching patients exercises to try at home in order to continually gain strength in atrophied muscles. In order to begin working as a PTA, you will need to earn a minimum of an associate degree. After completing the degree program, most states will also require you to become fully registered and licensed where you work. This is a great stepping stone towards becoming a full physical therapist, and many students work and study at the same time.

Physical Therapist Aide

Unlike physical therapists or PTAs, physical therapist aides are not legally obligated to have any formal training or certification. For this reason, working as an aide is a great way to better understand the field and determine if it is the right choice for you. It is quite common for serious students to begin an online degree program while they work as an aide, since this allows them to put their knowledge to work right away. After graduating with an associate degree, they can move up and become assistants.

Regardless of whether you are interested in a basic certification course, an associate degree or a full doctorate in physical therapy, an accredited online college may be the perfect way to earn your qualifications in less time. For busy students, online courses are ideal and allow you to study and take exams from any convenient location.

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