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Physician Assistant DegreeAlthough working as a physician can be an incredibly rewarding, satisfying and lucrative career, many medical professionals don’t want to undergo the many years of training and education that is required. In some cases, students may spend upwards of 12 years in formal schooling after high school just to become a physician, and doing so is a big commitment in terms of time, effort and money. If you have always been interested in working as a physician, but you don’t want to spend so long training, then a compromise might be earning an online degree and working as a physician assistant, or PA. Continue reading to learn about the degree required, what subjects you can expect to learn, the benefits of an online degree and the typical schedule of a PA.

Required Education and Training

There are two common ways to become a PA. The first is to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in any subject and then pursue a 2-year PA program at the graduate level. This will take typically six years overall, and it is the most common route. However, students who know that they want to become PAs right away can instead opt for a full bachelor’s degree in the field. This means that you can become a PA in four years instead of six, but it is important to note that the course load is heavier and can be challenging.

Typical Subject Matter for PA Degree

While studying to become a PA, students can expect to cover a range of different subjects in fields like diagnosis, treatment and medicine. The focus will be on medical courses like pharmacology, human anatomy and physiology and pathology. An emphasis will also be placed on how to directly deal with patients and how to develop an effective bedside manner. Students will also have the opportunity to narrow their studies and focus on a specific area of medicine like gynecology, Physician Assistant Degreeoncology or internal medicine.

Benefits of Online Education

Many students who decide to become a PA will turn to online education rather than attending regular classes in a traditional college campus. Although the materials, the lectures and the exams are often identical, an online curriculum allow students to work through the material at their own pace, watch recorded lectures online from the comfort of their home or even take exams whenever it is convenient. In addition, online degree programs can often be cheaper, and students can spend less on commuting and parking.

Average Working Day For a PA

The work of a PA is incredibly varied, and it might include working in a hospital, public healthcare clinic or even a private practice. A PA often works directly with the physician on duty, but in some cases they may work alone to diagnose patients and treat illnesses. The work is certainly challenging, and long shifts are typical, but it is also very rewarding to directly help patients.

To become a physician assistant, consider enrolling in a degree program offered by one of the many

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