Should You Convert Your RN to BSN Online?

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RN to BSN OnlineThe term nurse can mean a lot of different things, but typically an RN, or registered nurse, will require less education and training than someone with a BSN, or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Many aspiring nurses decide to first become an RN so that they can start working right away, and many nurses are content to continue at this level for the rest of their career. However, many others want to receive a promotion, focus on a specialty field or begin earning a higher income. In these cases, and many others, it makes sense to pursue a BSN. Rather than starting over again, an RN to BSN program allows you to use what you already know and apply it to the BSN program, which saves you time and money. Here are some reasons to convert your RN into a BSN online.

To Receive a Promotion

If you are currently working as a registered nurse and you are unable to secure a promotion, the reason may be because you don’t have all the required credentials and qualifications. By heading back to school and turning your RN into a BSN, you will learn more about the practice of nursing, expand your skill set and be more attractive to potential employers. This can show your dedication, and it will often show employers that you are ready to BSN Degree Onlinetake on new challenges and enjoy a promotion.

To Increase Your Earning Potential

Perhaps the most common reason that registered nurses decide to pursue a full bachelor’s degree in nursing is because they want to earn more income. In many cases, a nurse with a full BSN can earn up to one-third more than another registered nurse working in the very same hospital and even doing the exact same duties. If you want to start earning more each month, then you need to have more credentials to round out your resume. Earning a full BSN is a great place to start.

To Focus on a Specialty

Many nurses work in general positions within hospitals, nursing homes or private practices, and it can be hard to secure a niche position without a full bachelor’s degree. By earning a BSN, you can focus on an area of medicine that interests you most. This might be pediatrics, surgery or even geriatrics. This specialization will also help you to earn promotions and receive a higher salary over time.

To Save Time and Money

Although programs that convert your RN to a full BSN are available in traditional college campuses, online programs are rapidly gaining popularity. Since nurses can work and study at the same time, it is a more realistic education plan for busy medical professionals. Lectures are available online, you can study in your own time and even exams can be take in any location that offers Internet access.

If you want to be promoted, earn a higher salary, specialize in an area that interests you most and save time and money compared to traditional college campus programs, then consider enrolling in an online RN to BSN program online. Discover your opportunities to earn your degree online while you maintain your career. Visit

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