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Doctorate of PsychologyThe justice system is a cornerstone of the society in which we live, and it takes a lot of people to ensure that justice, fairness and safety are guaranteed to all citizens. At the top of the justice system are those highly-education individuals, many of whom hold a doctorate, that help to create the laws, research how to make the country safer and ensure that everyone is granted due process. If you are interested in working within the criminal justice system, and you want to focus on the physiological side of things, then a Doctor of Psychology/Criminology & Justice Studies might be the perfect fit for you. Here are some of the subjects you can expect to study, the prerequisites for the program, the benefits of earning your doctorate online and the types of careers you might be able to secure after graduation.

Typical Curriculum in This Degree Program

Since this doctorate programs includes psychology, criminology and the justice system in its title, it should come as no surprise that the subject matter is both extensive and diverse. A few of the most common classes to find on your curriculum might include analysis of the criminal justice process, justice for juveniles, adult psychopathology and treatment and biological causes for behavior. Not only will you seek to improve the justice system, you will also learn about why certain people act the way they do, and how that might increase or Criminology and Justice Studiesdecrease the risks of certain crimes.

Prerequisites for Enrollment

It is important to note that getting accepted into an online doctorate program in psychology, criminology and justice is not always easy. Along with a bachelor’s degree in a related field and some graduate work in either psychology or the criminal justice system, you will need to have recommendations from professionals in the field and a clear idea of where you would like to direct your thesis. The curriculum is not easy, but earning the degree online can allow you to better focus your energy on what matters most.

Benefits of Earning a Doctorate Online

There are a number of reasons that aspiring doctorate holders are pursuing their PhDs online in larger numbers. Since online programs allow you to work from any location that has Internet access, you will be able to avoid commutes to a college campus, and you can also enjoy the flexibility of setting your own schedule for studying and exams. For those with a family, a limited budget or a busy work schedule, online degree programs are a great option.

Careers Available to Graduates

As you might expect, the most common career for graduates in this field is that of criminal psychologist. These psychologists often work directly with the FBI, local police force or the government. Other potential careers that graduates can consider include supervisor of a mental health facility, a testimony expert or a prison psychologist.

An online degree in this field can be a great way to complete the program in less time and still be able to reach all of your future career goals. Discover your possibilities to begin working toward your goals at

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