5 Reasons to Pursue an Online Master’s Degree in Secondary Curriculum Assessment and Instruction

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Online Master's DegreeIn the world of education, a bachelor’s degree is typically understood as the minimum requirement for most teachers and administrators. Whether you want to help develop curriculum for high school students, work as a college admissions counselor, teach physics to the brightest minds or help struggling students to master the English language, you first need a formal education. A master’s degree is often the way to get ahead in the field of education, and one of the top degrees to consider is a Master of Secondary Curriculum Instruction & Assessment. Here are five reasons to consider pursuing this degree online.

1. Become a Better Teacher

The most common reason to earn this master’s degree is to become a better teacher. If you are currently teaching secondary school students and you want to improve your techniques in the classroom, this might be the perfect degree to meet your needs. The curriculum for this degree will revolve around assessing students, planning a course syllabus, utilizing new technology in the classroom and tailoring subjects to fit the requirements of different school districts or classrooms.

2. Study and Work at the Same Time

Many teachers want to advance their careers, boost their salaries and begin working in a slightly different field, but they worry that it will be impossible to fit regular classes into an already busy teaching schedule. Thankfully, the option of an online master’s degree helps even the busiest teachers to fit in classes, lectures, seminars, group discussion and exams over the Internet. Everything can be completed online, which means that anyone with access to the Internet can study from the comfort of home.

3. Increase Your Earning Potential

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, secondary school teachers in the United States earn an average of $55,000 annually. By earning a master’s degree and securing a position as an instructional coordinator, you can up your salary to the average of $61,270, or you might even want to become a school administrator. Administrators and principals earn Master's Degree Onlinean average salary of $87,390 per year.

4. Begin an Administrative Career in Education

Although working in a classroom day after day can be exciting, it can also be challenging. Many teachers want to progress beyond their classrooms to make an impact on a greater number of students at a time. With a master’s degree, you may be able to secure careers in the administrative side of education.

5. Focus on Curriculum Development Positions

In almost every school, school district or college campus, there are staff who work on creating curriculum. Developing curriculum is an interesting career, and most of the employed personnel already hold a master’s degree. Earning your own degree online in the field of curriculum, assessment and instruction can be what you need to advance your career and move into a different area in the world of education and teaching.

Thanks to, even the busiest teachers can find time to earn their master’s degree by studying online.

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