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Medical CareerAlthough there are many people around the world who would love to begin a lucrative career in the medical industry, the reality is that many of the highest paying positions require you to first train for several years. However, diagnostic medical sonography is one exception to the rule. Believe it or not, just a two-year online associate degree in diagnostic sonography can help you to find a career with an average salary of $64,000 per year. Read on to learn about what kind of education you will need, how you can earn your associate degree online, what careers are available for graduates and what you can expect to study during the course program.

Necessary Education For a Career as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

The most common education for a diagnostic medical sonographer is an associate degree. On average, this associate degree in sonography will take two years to complete, but students studying online can finish it faster or slower depending on their own pace and schedule.

Typical Curriculum For This Degree Program

Students enrolled in a two-year associate degree program in medical sonography can expect to learn how to use sound waves that create imaging of parts of the human body. These images are then used by physicians to treat and diagnose patients. During the course of the degree programs, students will cover subjects like abdominal sonography, psychology, Medical Careerechocardiography, human anatomy, ultrasound technology and creating relationships with patients.

Career Options for Graduates

After graduating with an associate degree, medical sonographers will have ample career opportunities ahead of them. Sonographers can work in private practices, in nursing homes, at physical rehabilitation centers and in large public hospitals. Growth is forecast to rise steadily in this field thanks to an aging population in the United States, and this will in turn raise the already high salary for sonographers in the medical industry.

Prerequisites for Enrollment

In order to be accepted into an associate degree program in sonography, you will need to meet a few specific requirements that vary from college to college. For the most part, schools will request that applicants have a high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree, be over the age of 18, have SAT or ACT scores to submit and have a demonstrated interest in the subject. Some colleges also request written admission essays, character references and processing fees along with the application.

Earning Your Associate Degree Online

Even those individuals with busy schedules can find time to fit in an online education. Since there are no commutes to campus and no set schedules to follow for classes, you can log onto live streams and recorded lectures from any location at any time. All that you need to become a sonographer is motivation, a computer and regular access to the Internet from a location of your choosing.

Becoming a sonographer is a lucrative and enjoyable career choice within the medical industry, and it takes less than two years to complete your associate degree. can help you find the information you need to find the degree program that fits into your schedule best.

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