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Tax Specialist Online DegreeIn order to become a Certified Public Accountant, you will need to earn more than 150 credits and pass several challenging examinations. While working as a CPA is certainly a lucrative position, not everyone wants to spend upwards of five years training for the career. However, there are more options for those who enjoy working with numbers and who would like to focus on a career in taxes or accounting. The Accounting & Tax Spcialist – Associate of Applied Science is a two-year degree program that is a great introduction to the accounting industry. Here are some of the prerequisites for enrollment into the program, what kind of subjects you can expect to cover, career opportunities and possibilities after graduation and even the benefits of an online degree.

Prerequisites for Enrollment Into the Degree Program

Although acceptance into associate degree programs is not as tough as acceptance into bachelor’s or master’s degree programs, applicants still need to be able to meet certain requirements. These prerequisites do change slightly from college to college, which means that you should check personally before enrollment. However, you can expect most schools to ask students to have a high school diploma, a grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale, be able to forward transcripts and have a written admission essay. Students who want to complete their degrees online should also have a computer, regular access to the Internet and familiarity with basic computing and word processing.

Typical Curriculum For an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Accounting and Taxes

A typical student completing this degree program will take roughly two years to finish, and during the course of the program they will be introduced to the basic theories of accounting Become a Tax Specialist and tax preparation. Some of the most common courses that you can expect to take during this degree program include managerial accounting, computer software programs for accounting, advanced office technology, financial accounting, federal tax preparation, state tax laws and economics.

Career Possibilities After Graduation

With an associate degree in accounting and tax specializations, you will have a number of different career opportunities available to you. A few of the most popular titles for graduates in this field include that of bookkeeper, accounting clerk, collection clerk and personal income tax clerk. Graduates may be able to find work with large accounting firms, in the payroll departments of businesses or with banks and other financial institutions.

Understanding the Benefits of an Online Degree

Over the past decade, an increasing number of college students have turned to the convenience, affordability and flexibility of online degrees instead of traditional campus programs. Without the hassle of commuting to class and a rigid classroom schedule, online courses are a great way to save time. In addition, students who work or care for family members appreciate that you can fit in your education around other obligations.

An online associate degree in tax specialization and accounting can be a great way to find a new career and increase your earning potential. Discover how you can begin working toward your college degree online at

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