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When most people think of online education, they immediately think of college courses offered through online institutes and universities. However, it is important to realize that online education is a much broader industry. Even if you have never heard of Lynda Weinman until now, you have probably heard of her 20-year old company, This website offers online courses in everything from using Photoshop to learning a new language, and it is one of the key players in restructuring the way that we think about education.

Kara Swisher, a writer at All Thing D, interviewed Lynda Weinman about the future of online learning. Appropriately, the interview was done over the Internet, and the video is posted on the All Things D website. During the interview, Swisher asks questions about Weinman’s past, the success of the website thus far and why online learning is such an important part of the education system.

Weinman believes that one of the most beneficial aspects of online learning is that anyone can participate. If you want to master a language or study ancient Roman history, you can do so as long as you have access to the Internet. The rise of online education means that anyone can better themselves, gain new credentials and rise in their careers. This accessibility is a big selling point for Weinman, and it is clear through the interview that she believes in online education completely.

If you are thinking about online education for yourself, or even if you are just fascinated by its rise, you will want to watch the full video interview and accompanying article. Click here.

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